LAPC #211 – What’s Your Photographic Groove?

Our host this week, Anne Sandler , is asking: ”What type of photography do you truly enjoy doing?”

I enjoy almost all types of photography, but Nature is my Muse. More specificly: flowers, close-ups and macro. And I am happy if in the flowers there is a critter or two as well… I believe our ”groove” changes over the years – as the world is changing – so are we.

For many years my photography was all about travel, new places, new people, new architecture, new food… but there has always been flowers. And why flowers? Well, I was born in the countryside, and from my grandmother I learned the importance of the little things – to see a world in a grain of sand. Flowers – nothing beats their great variety; in colours, shapes and sizes. I have to have flowers in my life!

My blog was named lagottocattleya after my favourite breed of dogs and my favourite orchid. So, the first image is a cattleya hybrid pictured at Keukkenhof, Holland. Then follows a gallery with some old and new favourites, from close-ups to macros and from Spring to Autumn. From forest to garden and indoors plants. I hope they will speak for themselves.

Special thanks to our guest host Sarah Wilkie of Travel With Me for the exercise of picking out three of our favorite images. And thank you to all our wonderful July guest hosts, Aletta, Jez, Andre and Tracy. If you join us, please link to Anne’s original post and use the lens artists tag. We’re looking forward to seeing your photos! As the LAPC team resumes rotation, Patti will present next week’s challenge. In the meantime, have fun and safe travels.

If you would like to participate weekly in our Lens-Artists Challenge, click here for more info. 

62 reaktioner på ”LAPC #211 – What’s Your Photographic Groove?

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  2. You have such an artistic eye, AC. You images are so well captured and simply stunning! I love how you focus on the light and create such drama in your images. They give me so much pleasure! 😀❤️😀

  3. I love your reason behind your love of the little things. We can thank your grandmother for bring you to us, AND you for bringing the reflection of her into your photography. I love the intricate detail of all your photos. Yes, the critters allow us to look a little longer, and maybe ponder their life for a minute living amidst the beautiful flowers. I think our groove shifts over time too…along with our moves. lol.

    I don’t have a favorite. They do indeed, speak for themselves. Donna

  4. Glorious Ann-Christine, simply glorious. Your eye for detail is marvelous and your flowers seem to love you as much as you do them. I agree our ”groove” shifts a bit over time as our lives change but nature is always there for us when we need her most. Beautifully done.

  5. Simply glorious, A-C. And not only the exquisite detail, but perhaps more importantly – the ambience/atmosphere/ the sense of something wonderful caught in time, and caught by YOU!

  6. Ahhh Leya, all of these captures are wonderful. The shadow play and that budding Crocus made my heart skip a beat. Lovely capture of little things in nature that are worth drolling.
    I love your groove, no matter what is your subject.

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