Thursday Thoughts – Foggy Days Forever?

Can you feel it?

The need for crisp air and eyelifting skies? Totti enjoying a frosty morning some years ago – so fresh in the air…so easy to walk.

Right now I don’t need any more grey days – and Emma is not here to brighten them up…

Today was announced on the news, that November and December were the darkest ever in Sweden since they started measuring hundreds of years ago. So little sun and so little light. Stockholm didn’t have a single sunny hour in these last 7 weeks.

Grey can be beautiful – but not every day for two months – and there are three more to go before early Spring.

But in less than two weeks The Winter Solstice will be here. I can’t tell you how much we need it!

36 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Foggy Days Forever?

  1. Like me you have been making the most of what the weather and nature hands to us each day this December……. but I think I am not getting rather fed up of pulling back the curtains of a morning and being greeted by wet, damp, misty days. We need a change 🙂

    • Thanks, Debbie – YES roll on some sunlight, pleeease. I always follow the forecasts, and all the way to Christmas it is…fog, drizzle and clouds. Hoping for the winter solstice now!

  2. A nice set of photos, you made the weather work for you. It’s not been much better in this part of Ontario with rain or snow most of December. I haven’t been down to the bay for a sunrise since some time in November.

    • Thank you, Frank. today we had all lights on in the house the whole day. And the car lights when driving. But in just some days…it will all turn around towards light again.

  3. Yes, fog is a downer but you have made the most of this atmospheric weather. And this week, I too was attempting some water drop shots, so I know how difficult they are. Yours is just beautiful, as are your other shots. But the shortest day is soon upon us – then onwards and upwards!

  4. Some atmospheric images, A C. I feel for you with the grey weather, but can’t say we’re doing a whole lot better here. Love those water drops!

  5. You may be feeling it, Ann Christine, and it was a big motivator in my moving here, but you have produced the most hauntingly beautiful photos. That second is just wonderful! 🙂 🙂

  6. Those are beautiful photos. And I do love the bottom photo very much! I feel bad for all of you. I know the sun really does bring up the spirits. We have such heat in the summer here in the desert, but the sun just makes me happy. However, we are in desperate need of rain, so we are all hoping that the predicted rain for tomorrow actually shows up.

    • I could send you some rain…if it were possible I would. It is terrible for plants, people and animals not to have water. Did the predicted rain come?

  7. Makes for wonderful photos, though, and oh, my those drops!! We could spare some sunshine for you. We’re actually praying for rain tomorrow as it’s been over 100 days without rain, not even normal for the desert. 😦


  8. It may be grey (and I truly sympathise with you as I too loathe the grey, dull days) but you have taken some exceptionally atmospheric photos and those raindrops are very beautiful.

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