LAPC #214 Favourite Finds

Do you love walking in bazaars or flee markets, or just window shopping? Something found in your grandmother’s closet? Second hand is very popular in the Nordic countries right now. Do you find museums intriguing? Or, maybe like me, you love special, surprising finds in nature? I am sure you have something hidden in your archives that once surprised you or filled you with awe…

We will be happy to enjoy your finds this week! And, maybe there is a story too…?

In the header my image shows some lovely hats found at Tjolöholm Castle. I love hats…unfortunately I don’t look that good in them – but I still buy one now and then.

The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.
– Hubert H. Humphrey

A shopping window in Gdansk. Too many things…but one of my best friends had pugs. Many pugs. I’d like to think she would have loved this one. Had she still been here, I might have bought it for her.
Of all possessions a friend is the most precious.
– Herodotus

A mobile made of 9 porcelain birds…not easily washed or handled, but it is still in one piece – or many pieces in one piece. It was given to me from my friend with the pugs – so you understand she is still with me, even if she has been gone for almost 8 years.
If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder, he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement, and mystery of the world we live in.
– Rachel Carson

This is a remarkable find. A moth that is disguised as a twig. Look at the little feet and you will find him – the other one is…a twig.

There is also a possibility that someone finds Me…

This beauty was a find in our summerhouse, last year I believe, or the year before. Look at the size and the intricate patterns woven. Nature’s masterpiece made by industrious wasps.
A window on a backstreet in Rome made me stop and look, then the bird made me take out the camera! I still love this window…and I wonder who once lived there. Old Rome always fascinates.

A precious find was the statue of Gaudí, because I finally got the chance to ask him about his art and why he stepped out in the road and was hit by a tram. Why? We would have loved him to stay and finish so many other architectural pieces…

Special thanks to Amy for last week’s happy sunshine! A bright and positive theme with many beautiful images.

Now we are looking forward to your favourite finds! Be sure to link your post here and don’t forget the tag, so we can find you in the reader.

For next week, September 3, John will be our host, and his theme will be: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles…and the places they take us to visit.

Until then – stay calm, kind and loving.

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    • No worries – I am late answering to comment because yesterday morning the graphic card crashed…I got the computer back this evening. Life happens…

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  18. Ann-Christine, I finally had time to have a proper look at your photos and read the text. I found it so touching. I must admit to penchant for hats and those in the photograph were very fine indeed. No wonder you had to take a photo. That bird mobile is exquisite and would be very precious even if your friend hadn’t given it to you, but as she did, that makes it even more precious. I was enchanted by the other photos too.

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  23. I think your twig bug attracted the most attention. That one is amazing, and the fact that you found a twig to match – what are the chances? I loved the dogs at the poker table and the lady in the pink feather hat with the checkered socks and gold shoes. I stared at her for a long time. I enjoyed your imaginary conversation, and love the coral contrasting colors in your blouse. I also have a bug in my collection of finds. I took several of him as I got closer and closer. Then when I got right up to him, he spread his wings and flew and I caught it along with his surprising colored tail end. 🙂

  24. Hi Ann-Christine,
    I was in love with the hats on your banner the minute I saw them. I adore wearing hats.
    I have a lot of them. I think I look good in them, if not, I just enjoying wearing them. I wish
    I could wear more styles but it’s too hot in Florida. When traveling I’ve always got one handy.
    Well … so many of these photos are eye catching. The sculpture created by nature is a testament
    to the power of Mother Earth.
    The pug with the cigarette is fun. I think I would have had to purchase something in that shop. Lots
    of pretties and fun art.
    I can almost hear Gaudi discussing his works of art and life moments with you. You look like your
    intensely listening. I hope you enjoyed your conversation. ~~~ : – )
    I enjoyed browsing through my photographs for this challenge. Thank you for hosting, Enjoy my selections.
    Isadora 😎

    LAPC – Favorite Finds

    • Thank you for a lovely comment! I will have to come back to you, because my graphic card to the computer crashed yesterday. Hope to get it fixed today!

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  33. Lovely photos.

    In particular I like the moth and dragonfly. There’s a nice amount of detail in those shots, as well as a nice clarity.
    I also like that I didn’t catch the moth immediately. You said what it was but it still didn’t register at first.
    That said, I think that all of the photos show care and interest in the subjects.

    Here’s mine for this one:

    Prunus Branches

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  35. Great photos. Really like that statue of Gaudi with his nose in the air. That moth is special, never seen one half as well disguised. Although I must say that moths have me well trained, examining each bit of bird poop on leaves to check whether it’s a moth or not.

    I would like to give that pug to a niece who currently plans to will her money to her dog 🙂

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    • Great finds, Philo! I too love those statues, and I always wonder how they do it – in any weather, any heat, any rain… Love your Cousteau quote too.
      Cannot get the comment through on your site! That stupid glitch in WP stops me. So sorry.

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  43. Hi, AC. Your collection is varied and really intriguing. The insect that looks like tree bark is amazing. You and Gaudi side by side. I love it. You inspired me this week to take a closer look at the world and be in the moment. Thanks for that, dear AC. Take care and have an inspiring week.

    LAPC #214: Favorite Finds

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  47. What a wonderful selection, Ann-Christine, and so full of you! I love it. What a conversation you could have had with Gaudi…the miracle of the twig/insect…and those precious birds. Have a lovely week!

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  51. Well – first I loved the pug and then could not believe the wasp nest ( ouch !!!) but then came your rendez-vous with Gaudi and I cannot get my eyes off that . . . pity there was no microphone working or miracle happening . . . 🙂 !!!

    • Hahaha, love your comments – always! And yes…we have a TV show in Sweden having people inviting their dreamguests for dinner. Dead and living people…I would have loved meeting Gaudí. He is my dream guest. No miracle around though…

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  54. Yeah. WOWWWW. Just like they said. You have out-done yourself. (Did you use a clone? 🙂 ) Love all the trinketry, the twig bug, the wasp nest (!), and poor Gaudi, hit by a tram and unidentified for days, languishing until death. So sad. Where did you find the statue to put next to him?! 😉 😉 I am very intrigued by museums and may submit one I visited today. To be continued…

    • Of course I used a clone…I always do. It is not often that it’s really me posting. John, luckily I am good at having a stone face – so, no problem!

  55. What an amazing selection of finds. I especially like the porcelain birds, the moths and yes I agree the wasps nests are amazing too

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  59. Wow, what great finds indeed Leya. These are treasured memories and keepsakes as well. Thank you for sharing them. That photo with Gaudi piqued my interest and would love to ask the same questions as you….but at least you had a photo with him!
    Lovely post as always!

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