Lens-Artists Challenge #219 – Treasure Hunt

Tina’s challenge this week is about treasure hunting! You can do one, many or all of the objects in the treasure hunt, which are listed below. Visit Tina’s beautiful blog for more inspiration, and please remember to link to her original post and to use the Lens-Artists Tag.

My treasure, Milo – of course!

Three things cannot long be hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.

– Confucius

Winter sun and clouds at home

Moon over the golden Buddha in Bhutan – fun find? Early morning walk and a great surprise at least. 52 meters high and containing 125000 small Buddhas inside.

Time is the only treasure I have on earth.
― Mitta Xinindlu

Autumn foliage and reflection

Don’t let a man put anything over on you except an umbrella.

– Mae West

Umbrellas through the rainy window

All I’ve ever wanted is a nice truck, and that’s what I got.

– Cole Swindell

A truck, a driver and a new wall

Children are the world’s treasure.
― Matshona Dhliwayo

Cousin and family visiting

Sincere thanks to Donna of Wind Kisses for guest hosting last week. Her beautiful post was inspiring for all of us, and your responses were truly wonderful. We hope you enjoy this week’s Treasure Hunt. Here is the list of items:

  • A pet or pets (yours or someone else’s)
  • The moon or the sun (extra credit for both in one image)
  • Clouds (extra credit if you also include rain or snow)
  • A reflection
  • A child (extra credit if with other family members)
  • An umbrella (extra credit if you include a person using it)
  • A truck (extra credit if you include the driver or what the truck is hauling)
  • Autumn foliage (extra credit if it’s something that only blooms in the fall)
  • Something fun you found on a walk

We look forward to seeing your treasures. Until then, please stay safe and be kind.

45 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Challenge #219 – Treasure Hunt

  1. First, thank you for your constant encouragement and kind words. I am a little late this week…Truth! You know… sun, moon and truth…always. I loved that quote and the brisk beautiful photo to accompany it.

    The mood you captured with your umbrella photo was my favorite photo. thank you again.

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  3. Love to see Milo, Ann-Christine and your winter landscape almost makes me think winter is wonderful (here we get cold and wet winters, windy too. Not peaceful like yours…) Beautiful photos as always.

  4. Absolutely stunning images, Ann-Christine. You ticked all the extra bonus boxes with this post! What a precious moment to see the moon shining on the golden Buddha. Love the portrait of Milo. ❤️

  5. Some wonderful images, Ann-Christine. I love that rainy view through the window and that winter sunrise/sunset. Your dog is truly your treasure, I’m sure. It shows in your composition.

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