LAPC #233 – One Lens Walk

Annes challenge for us this week is to take a lens for a walk. Yes, to choose a lens and walk. We can also use our cell phone or point and shoot camera. Another trick, when using a zoom lens, is to pick an aperture and stay with it. It is of course also possible to go for our archives. The important thing is to have fun! Remember to link to Anne’s original post and use the Lens-Artists tag.

I usually walk with my Fuji 16-80 lens, or my 35 prime lens. But my absolute favourite is the Tamron 90 macro. It is not a coincidence that my blog is labelled with a quote from William Blake: ”To see a World in a Grain of Sand…” The complete line goes: ”To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour.” To me, this is the essence of Life.

As there are very few flowers and insects to photograph right now, I have chosen some of my old macros to show the different possibilities of this lens. Close-ups and macros yes, – but you will notice it is very versatile.

For macros I normally use f/11, but f/8 – f/11 works fine. I always use a tripod, and that is why most of my macros are shot in my own garden. I don’t carry a tripod on my walks. Not only because of the weight, I want to feel free. And, I often have my dog, Milo, with me too. In the beginning I tried to hand hold the camera, but there were too many photos to throw away, so Milo and the tripod are two of my best friends.

Droplets and frosty petals are always a treat, but even with flowers and other subjects that often don’t move much, I also use the timer in order not to risk accidental camera movements while pressing the button. The photo with many droplets, to the left in this gallery, was hand held. When I don’t take close-ups or macro with the lens, that works fine.

When we get really close, like in the first and the last picture, and the roses, the photo turns almost abstract. Other worlds open up and lets our fantasy work magic.

We enjoyed looking back with all of you during Sophia’s challenge last week. You sent us unique and interesting responses – some surprising ones too. Now we are looking forward to seeing your one lens walks!

Next week our new team member, Donna Holland of Wind Kisses, will be leading the challenge. Be sure to visit her beautiful site for inspiration!

If you would like to participate weekly in our Lens-Artists Challenge, click here for more info. 

75 reaktioner på ”LAPC #233 – One Lens Walk

  1. It is amazing to think a whole other world is going on in our gardens, isn’t it?

    I love the quote and didn’t know of its relationship to to your blog. It IS fitting and yes, the essence of life. I love the frost and water droplets, but the one that intrigued me the most was the caterpillar under the leaf and the yellow flower that at first look, I thought you editing a hand, fingers in their for an interesting abstract.

    I also love the little lessons you interject, like setting a timer.

  2. Not every gardener likes a snail, but it looks very nice in that photo. I like the ones where you got ”too close”, like the two that you pointed out, but also the single droplet and the wonderful fractals of frost.

  3. I love macros and your images are fabulous ❤️. I’ve been tackling macros so far without a dedicated lens for the camera, hence the details may not be so good as yours! But it’s exactly for the same reason that I don’t have it – it’ll need having to lug a tripod around! I am glad that the new phone has even better lenses than before, so even if the pics taken are not professional quality, I can still capture better closeups/macros than with my previous phone 😀. Let’s see how much longer can I resist the lure of the macro lens 😉

    • Thank you so much! Phones are very good these days, and for blogs and normal use, their photos are exceptionally good. And I only have my tripod in the garden…would never carry it around!

  4. You hold it all in the palm of your hand, Ann-Christine. Number 4 beams out at me, and the tiny reflection in the water droplet. You always show us how very beautiful life can be 🤗💗

  5. Wow Ann-Christine, you’ve chosen such beautiful macros to show us for this challenge. I loved them all, but the snails and the water droplet with the reflection are exceptional. I haven’t been able to make friends with my tripod, especially on macros. I try to shoot at different angles and the tripod inhibits me. Thanks for this wonderful response.

  6. Wow Ann-Christine, you’ve chosen such gems to show us. I love them all, but the snails and the single droplet with the reflections are amazing. I can’t seem to make friends with my tripod. I like to get different angles when I do macro and it inhibits

  7. I always love your photos , whether macro or otherwise, but am horrified that you have to lumber round with a tripod. No wonder I remain a snapshot-ist. Just couldn’t, wouldn’t do it.

  8. Your photos are always a welcome sight in my Reader and these macros of nature are sublime. You have persuaded me to try using my tripod with my macro lens this year in my garden to see if I can improve my photography.

  9. As always A-C your images are amazing. Obviously you and your lens are very well acquainted with each other! And of course little Milo is an excellent assistant. I always love your florals, and this week is no exception. But in this set, the snail and the single water droplet are my favorites.

  10. Your attention to detail in shooting your macros really pays off, they are always beautiful! And thanks for reminding us of the full quote from Blake, it’s an inspirational one indeed.

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