Thursday Thoughts – Weekend Spa

We went to Mosseberg spa resort for a couple of days. A charming area, and we had some snow too. Relaxing.

This resort was built around the middle of the 19th century, and still has those typical villas of those days. Some of the old houses are now private and not possible to visit. They still have their ”Carpenter’s joy” and built in tile stoves.

This is the main building, where we rented a beautiful room. Walking through the house we found several doors with famous people’s names on them. They had all lived here in periods of their lives. Our neighbours were the author Albert Engström and the next door had Madame Kollontaj’s name on it. She once was a Soviet ambassador, pacifist and feminist.

Mosseberg is a beautiful resort in any season, and I would love to see the park in Spring too.

29 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Weekend Spa

  1. I love the frozen pond photo. It looks like silence feels. I guessed at ‘carpenter’s joy’ and decided it is much like Victorian architecture, with its ornate trimmings. The overall effect of the place seems restful. I’m not sure I understand the snow blower.

    • Restful it is. Spa resorts old style are very beautiful, and we try to go a couple of times every winter. To different spas.
      The snow blower was for the skiers, maybe the tracks don’t show in that picture. There were many skiers in that beautiful weather.

  2. Magical…. “Gingerbread” is the most common term in the US (I think) for “Carpenters Joy” ornate embellishments found on architecture in the 1860’s-70’s 😊. Gorgeous place, like a dream!

    • Thank you for enlightening me, Liza! I thought gingerbread was a cookie? And yes, like a dream those old houses and beautiful environment. And delicious food!

  3. Dear Leya
    Madame Kollontai reminds me on my days a student. I was an editor of an anarchist paper. It was so intellectual that I don’t understand a word of it nowadays. She was our hero combining a feminist anarchism with free sexuality (therefore this conflict with Lenin’s wife K. The easiest way was to send her as ambassador to Sweden.)
    The resort looks beautiful.
    Love xx
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Wonderful story from your youth, Klausbernd! Who would have thought? I read about her of course, but it did not say she was your hero…;D. How great, what a coincidence! Thank you for telling the story. I took a photo of her name on the door with my phone. They were going to make a common area of that room and were to remove the sign. I hope they keep it.

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