Macro Monday – Frosty for Miriam

I found one last photo from a frosty morning, when the Asters still were alive. Love them. They are the last ones standing in my garden before winter.

Macro höst och frost 060-2

Macro Monday – in My Morning Garden

Some surviving flowers in my garden – but not many. In the early morning light – this Aster Princess wearing her crown.

Less spectacular, but very saffron – is the millimeter lichen on my old apple tree.

And the Common Spindle – with a delightful fruit. I collected some seeds in the forest 6-7 years ago – and got these lovely results.

Macro Monday

The days just fly…and it is Monday again. In Sweden the first snow has arrived, and further north it is staying white.

My photos this week are from my garden last week – when we had some magical, glittering mornings.

Asters unfurling in the warming sun

Until reaching their full splendour





Macro Monday

So, I finally bought myself a macro lens, something I have been thinking about for some years now. ”To See a World in a Grain of Sand…” – now more true than ever.

I hope you will enjoy following my attempts to find hidden worlds! I would love to hear your experiences and tips from your own macro photography as well. Learning new things are always a great joy.

So, here’s to Macro Monday!