Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #70 – Monochrome

For this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #70, Patti is our host, and she is inviting us to explore the world of monochrome– which includes black and white and sepia, as well as different shades of one color.

Patti also allows us, for an extra challenge, to try using a selective color – which is easily done in Lightroom for example. Just take out all colours (saturation) in the colour table – except the one you decide to keep. Sometimes you will find it gives the image that little ”extra touch”.

I have chosen one B&W ( a sweet meeting on the steps in Mariacka Street, Gdansk ) and three with selective colour – looking forward to Your posts!

The new WWII museum in Gdansk –  keeping the colour Orange

A carpet shop in Tbilisi – keeping the colour Red

A shop in Mariacka Street, Gdansk – keeping the colour Lilac

We had a lot of fun with all the Doubles for Tina last week – thank you for posting with such great variety and creativity!

Next week it is my turn (Leya) to host challenge #71, so please be
sure to stop by and find out what is on the table!



84 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #70 – Monochrome

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  3. Wow! These photos are so striking – the selective color process does look like fun. I must learn how to do that at some point. I don’t have that software, but I am very intrigued. 🙂

  4. Your photo choices are exceptional – I can’t pick a favorite. I do like the first one – the action/anticipation you captured in it is a great composition. I don’t have Lightroom. What you did with the photos intrigues me to consider getting it. Nice job!!

  5. That cat is absolutely adorable, Ann-Christine. Your other shots really highlight the effects of selective colors. I didn’t know it was easy to do in Lightroom. I always use Photoshop. I should try Lightroom, though! Thanks for telling us how to do that!

    • Hi Patty – thank you for a great challenge this week – I had fun! The cat shot was a really fast one – walking the steps I realized we were meeting over that cat – who did not mind at all. Everybody patting him… And, I caught that shoe too – love those. I had such shoes as a child, and they were my favorites.

  6. Hmmmm…….I must admit I never thought of doing the selective color that way A-C. What a great suggestion! Your images definitely show how effective it is. Lovely post today!

    • Love that building – very impressive it is. And the museum very well organized – but depressive… And, I guess any program for photography has the same possibilities. It is the saturation/nonsaturation that does it.

    • Glad you enjoyed them – I think it is great fun to see how the whole image changes your attitude to it! I usually try several possibilities. If you do, there is always one that stands out to be chosen. And not always the one you thought from the start.

  7. Astonishing effects. I don’t use Lightroom. Maybe I should investigate. However, my comment is more about the WWII Museum at Gdansk. It’s probably one of the most moving museums I have ever visited. A phenomenal achievement.

    • A very well organized museum indeed. And it showed all the horrors of that war. Some I could not stand to watch, but having seen films from the war so many times, you still know. Last year (?) it seemed the Polish government tried to stop the museum from opening, but thankfully it did.

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