Lens-Artists Challenge #182 – Interesting Objects

Patti says: ”This week, we’re exploring Interesting Objects on LAPC. I’m sure you’ve had the experience of walking through a city, the country, a museum, or a beach, for example, and something catches your eye…”

In the opener you will find a somewhat strange photo of my favourite Swedish composer – when visiting his birthplace, I found this quote – ”To fight for the Light, yes, that is the highest” – His music shines of a very special light, creating a soft nest inside you.

Here are some of my eyecatchers…

Ireland – an incredible coincidence that I had just read a biography about these young women and the grim fate of their children. This plate sat on a bench in a beautiful park.
A sailing lamp…found in 15th century castle Bunratty in Ireland. This must be one of the strangest lamps I have ever seen. Bunratty is the most complete and authentic castle in Ireland, and in fact there were several chandeliers with these mermaids.
Kyrkö Mosse – a ”must visit” when you come to my part of Sweden. Some hundred old cars, once collected by a dedicated man. Standing in a bog, they are all slowly sinking, and will within not too many years totally disappear.

Patti says, this week we are invited to share images that feature Interesting Objects.

Have fun searching for them on the street, in your home, in your travels, or from your archives. Please include a link to her original post and use the Lens-Artists tag.

Last week, we enjoyed learning about and exploring your favorite photo challenges. Thank you Tina for hosting the Double Dipping Challenge – an eye opener to many new possibilities! Next week, it’s my turn to lead the challenge, so be sure to stop by and join in the fun! Until then, stay healthy and have an inspiring week!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Stone

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Stone

Frank, of dutchgoesthephoto, challenges us to bring him stones this week – here are mine! Also from Ireland, and I think one of the broadest stone fences/walls I have ever seen.


CFFC: Roads

This week Cee asks us for Roads: country, freeways, streets.

My variety of roads is not that big… But a winter road in Sweden and El Camino in Spain

The lovely streets of London

A Swedish country road, and an Irish Abbey Road.

I love them all!


Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Structure

Structure can be seen in many different ways – for Cee’s challenge I offer the inside of a building, somewhere in Ireland. It was almost impossible to take photos because of its strange architecture, but it might work as an example of structure.

Irland 2017 429-Redigera-Redigera


Skies of Ireland

Looking back on the trip to Ireland last year, brought back a rush of green love through my veins.

How I love this countryside!

And the seaside!

Dark skies over the meadows – but no rain…

…only golden gorse glowing in the dark.

Seven Day B&W Photo Challenge – Day 7

I was invited by Raj (XDrive) to join the Seven Day B&W Photo Challenge. (Thank you, Raj)

The Rules are
• Seven days.
• Seven black and white photos of your life.
• No people.
• No explanation.
• Challenge someone new each day
Today, the last day,  I would also like to challenge everyone who thinks it would be fun to participate!

The Prettiest Town in Ireland

According to the tourist information, the small town of Adare (/æˈdr/; Irish: Áth Dara, meaning ”ford of [the] oak”) in County Limerick, Ireland, is one of Ireland’s prettiest towns.

When we visited, the weather was, as I guess the weather is most here, rainy with short glimpses of sun. And the village is pretty – with thatched roofs and brightly coloured houses. About 3000 inhabitants, so I felt rather at home – the same size as the village I live in. Above is the main street.

Despite the rain, we ventured out towards Desmond Castle, on the north bank of the river Maigue. And we were lucky – the sun came through!

 I will be away for a couple of days – see you soon!

Back to Ireland – Ruins and Cows

Looking through my photos from Ireland – I found an old abbey I had not posted on. I am convinced there were not many visitors, as we only saw it from the car. We were looking for a nice place to have our evening picnic – I wanted cows and my husband wanted ruins – and we found the perfect place!

To get there, we had to park at the church, climb some fences and walk a straight gravel road over the meadows with grazing cows. Just my thing.

I wondered how this abbey had looked when new – it was still impressive out there in the middle of all the green. Not much sun, but we had our fruit and sandwiches sitting on the ground against the wall. The Irish landscape offers never-ending glory.

The farewell was accompanied by the most gracious crowd (in the header), and lastly by a lone beauty standing by the road. I really have to go back to Ireland – soon.