Waiting for Green – Life in Colour

So much fun with Jude’s challenge – I found two whole galleries. Maybe the sign for how much I long for green right now?

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  2. Green is not on my favorite color list, but your assortment of greens could change my mind. I’m not sure what to call that ”blob” of green that seems to be ”hanging” from a cabinet. I can’t figure it out, but it’s a cool photo with wonderful shades of green.

  3. Love them all but . . . . my bemused eyes keep on wandering back to the three green parrots . . . hmm, is the gentleman on the eight (?) ‘sweet-talking to the lady (?) on the left . . . . she seems part of a couple tho’ . . . . *smile* . . .

  4. I enjoyed all of these, A-C, and as we don’t get that sort of overwhelming green here that we did when we lived in the Midwest, it made me happy. My favorites, I think, are the praying mantis and the elephant. But they’re all beautifully photographed as usual.


  5. Beautiful photos, Leya! My favorite is the first with raindrops on the leaves. So many remind me of the coming spring and how lovely it is when that shade of green shows up. It’s a happy time!

  6. Some unusual and interesting photos here Ann-Christine. Love the Praying Mantis and at first glance I mistook the green spotlights for the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) – do you see them from where you live? Now that would be a green I’d love to capture.

    • Jude, glad you liked them – and the Aurora I can sometimes be very disappointed in…never saw it myself! It can sometimes be seen from here, but better up north. When Emma lived in Umeå, she saw it every winter. Our visits there were never graced with this phenomenon…sadly enough. I would so love to see it!

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