Thursday Thoughts – A Colourful Week

Grateful for a wonderful spring bouquet…

…and my lovely indoor flowers. Spring is still waiting…

WPC: Out of this World

Out of this world...I love this expression and all it stands for. Ben, at WordPress, turns us towards the ordinary things and experiences surrounding us, and the enigma they emanate if you look closely…

In the header, an ordinary tulip, but something out of this world when seen close-up.

My yellow cactus flowers are very beautiful, but one day when watering this plant, I saw its reflections in the marble  below. I took at least 30 photos of it that morning.


Black and White Sunday: Still Life

For Paula, at Lost in Translation, this Sunday – a high key shot of fading tulips.


WPC: State of Mind

The sun spread its glory from a blue sky today – Spring is coming! My state of mind says I am dancing  with the tulips, even if they are fading. Even if I am fading. The world is still beautiful on a day like this.