En ny utmaning för mig – och dig? A new Challenge for me – and you?

There is an exhibition at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam documenting the history of photography in the last century.



”The 20th Century is the age of photography,” says Mattie Boom, curator of photography at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. “More than painting or sculpture, it is the century’s most influential art form by far. When the first Kodak camera was launched in 1888, it sold around 5,000 units. By the 1960s, Kodak was selling 70 million Instamatic cameras. So photography in the 20th Century was huge. And today we are drowning in an ocean of images.”

Interesting? Read more following this link.

I thought this quote might be the intro to my message – I’m entering a challenge of producing 365 photos during 2015. WordPress helps many of us by delivering inspirational challenges every week – now I will try one organized in Sweden as well. (At least I will try – I’m not giving up the challenges I already do every week!)

So, in my header there is a list of themes I must follow (Temalista 365 foton)…starting in January. I’m looking forward to participating and hopefully you, my faithful readers outside Sweden, will enjoy these entries even if they come in Swedish! According to the rules i do not have to post every day – I can post several photos the same day and then none for some days…

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People always have crazy ideas, don’t they? What about this one …

I think I prefer the photography craze…even if I love reading. I wonder if the 21st century might be the second age of photography – today there truly is ”an ocean of images” and with more photographic devices constantly popping up, at least I don’t see an end to this – what do you think?

Vill du vara med?

Vill du vara med?



18 reaktioner på ”En ny utmaning för mig – och dig? A new Challenge for me – and you?

  1. What a great challenge I’ll look forward to seeing how you get on Anne Christine. I so agree with this phrase ”And today we are drowning in an ocean of images.” I think most of us, especially if we travel, have hard drives chock full of images, the beauty of WP is it allows us to show case them in the various challenges.

    • Oh, well, diligent I am, but maybe this is too much. I’ll do my very best with those interesting challenges and see how far it takes me…hopefully I’ll manage the first half of the year…

  2. Good luck with the new venture, Leya, it should keep you very busy!
    As the old saying goes – ‘a picture tells a thousand words’. I believe this, and it is one very good reason for the popularity of images… 🙂

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