Kosta Boda Art Hotel – Two Relaxing Days

Kosta Boda Art Hotel opened in June 27, 2009 but really started already in 1742 when two of Charles XII generals, Anders Koskull and Georg Bogislaus Staël von Holstein, founded Kosta …

…and laid the foundation for what today is the Orrefors Kosta Boda, one of Sweden’s most famous glass work brands. 

We had kept an eye on this hotel for a year or two, and my cousin was very impressed by her stay at Kosta Boda Art Hotel some months ago.

Inside the hotel, most things are made of glass… manufactured in the glass works nearby, and designed by world famous designers from Kosta Boda. Kjell Engman, Anna Ehrner, Göran Wärff, Bertil Vallien, Ulrica Hydman Vallien, Åsa Jungnelius and Ludvig Löfgren.


Many people come here for the history, art and glass, but also for their award-winning spa. Others come for inspiring meetings…and in fact our lucky day arrived just here and now. We had booked an ordinary room, but because of so many companies having their employees staying here – all rooms were booked. We ended up with an upgrading to a gorgeous suite, designed and decorated by Kjell Engman.

Our bathroom – immediately I opened the door, I thought: We should have stayed another night…

The food is excellent, made from local ingredients here in Småland. We had a marvelous  three course dinner, where the dessert was prepared by the 2017 world winning confectioner – Anders Oskarsson. And, the next morning we were treated to a grand breakfast buffet.

I will leave you here for tonight…tomorrow, let’s have a walk through the fabulous hotel interior!

22 reaktioner på ”Kosta Boda Art Hotel – Two Relaxing Days

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  2. Gorgeous hotel, Ann-Christine. I had no idea Kosta Boda made so many items out of glass. Stunning. So glad you had a chance to stay there. I hope you’re going to write about the food there too. 🙂

    • Yes – indeed. That NEVER happens to us, so what great luck came our way…I wonder how this was possible. When we travel we mostly stay in hostels or B&B, so this was a treat with a hotel room we thought – and then it became a suite!

  3. This is really awesome, such a beautiful place. Prefect getaway for a couple of days. I’ll recommend it to my friends in Norway when I go home end of the month. Beautiful photos, Ann-Christine!

    • Thank you so much, Dina! They will not be disappointed. I will post another two of the interior. The spa section is fabulous, but the glass bar is otherworldly…

  4. Det är ett tjusigt hotell och mate brukar vara väldigt god. Hoppas ni kunde bada ute i bubbel badet. Första gången jag besökte hotellet badade vi ute i några minusgrader och stora snöflingor som dalade sakta ner. Underbart minne.

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