Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #8: Colorful

Tina asks us to be colourful – and that feels good after a summer with no flowers, no natural colours here in Skåne, Sweden, except yellow and brown.

First, I would like to present an ordinary summer’s  typical Swedish summer house…

…and then a sparkling Japanese Camellia. Flowers are inevitable photo objects when it comes to colour!

Two family members are celebrating colourful birthdays during summer.


And not that seldom we all go to enjoy Neil’s Yard in London, where walking in colours always makes my spirit jump with joy. Possible even when flowers are out of season…

Finally, I wish you a colourful and inspiring weekend!



Just a few reminders about the Lens-Artist Photo Challenges:

  • We hope you will join the challenge this week!  When you do, include a link to Tina’s post.
  • Use the tag “Lens-Artists” in order to make other bloggers find your post in the Reader.  so keep in mind that you should use fewer than 15 tags for your post or it won’t appear in the Reader.  For more information on how to tag, click here.
  • The next challenge (#9) will be posted by Patti, on Saturday, September 1.
  • Missed our initial Lens-Artists challenge announcement? Click here for details.


33 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #8: Colorful

  1. Amazing colourful captures worthy of good quality sunglasses. But you with your multiple names remain the most colourful item in this post. And I must congratulate you as unlike the American moderators, you can spell. In a sense I can still understand how they can omit the u, what I cannot understand is why Leya is spelled Anne-Christine in American!

  2. Beautiful colourful captures Ann-Christine, I used to love going to Neal’s Yard when we lived in London :o) xxx

  3. What a gorgeous, colorful collection, Ann-Christine! I especially love that summer cottage. It looks like something out of a fairy tale. Maybe I could spend a night there or two if I’m very, very good??!?

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  5. Beautiful set of colorful collection, Ann-Christine! 🙂
    Here everything has turned brown too… So wonderful to see these beautiful flowers. 🙂

  6. Hair by Fairy looks like fun, Leya 🙂 🙂 Or a challenge! I was thinking flowers, I must admit. Not got around to it yet. Our brown has long been replenished by the rain and is zingy green again. Happy Sunday!

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