On Closing the Door – A New One Opens

Hiking with my dogs yesterday, the change in Nature, from just one day back, was very obvious –

Yesterday was a short ”between time” in the forest, where some parts still were extremely colourful, even if the colours had turned more harmoniously yellow/brown.

No wind and a clear, chilly day, we all enjoyed what we understood from the weather reports, would be the last remaining bright day this autumn.

Inside the dense pine forest, I could still find some yellow beeches, shining beacons in the darkness. But out in the open – the misty light had closed the golden door behind us.

48 reaktioner på ”On Closing the Door – A New One Opens

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  3. I really like these photos just for themselves, but also because they remind me of the part of France where my s-i-l and b-i-l live, especially those moss-covered stones, although with the drought right now, there probably isn’t much moss.


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