Lens Artists Photo Challenge #35: Architecture

As Amy’s challenge this week is Architecture, I invite you to follow me to Umeå for a visit to a very special hotel.

The Grand Hotel in Umeå, by architect Viktor Åström, was built 1894-95. The facade is in neorenaissance. Close up to this beauty is U&Me Hotel, opened in 2014, by architects from Snøhetta, and interior design by architect- and design Stylt Trampoli.

The more than 120 years old Seafarers’ House and Grand Hotel in central Umeå has been exquisitely renovated, and the concept of historic influences from the seven seas is so unique that the hotel was elected World’s Best New Boutique Hotel 2014.

The whole interior is spectacular…

and some pieces remind you of a shipwreck.

The old Grand Hotel is closely connected to (a real juxtaposition) U&Me, something that feels a bit awkward from the outside – while the inside might be described as a smooth swim through a coral reef…

Thank you, Amy, for an inspiring challenge and the opportunity to follow in your footsteps to one of the new seven wonders of the world!



31 reaktioner på ”Lens Artists Photo Challenge #35: Architecture

    • Haha, well – one of the good things about blogging…constantly getting new ideas for travelling. Mostly people tend to visit only the biggest cities in a country…Thank you for a nice comment.

  1. While I’ve spent a little bit of time in Stockholm and Vaxholm, I like seeing different parts of Sweden. I looked up where Umeå was located, and I’m intrigued by its coastal location next to the Gulf of Bothnia. Thanks for providing a peek!

    • Thank you, Patti – so glad you liked it! I wanted to mix inside and outside as I thought most people would go for the outside structures. And – to me this interior design and architecture felt a bit innovative.

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