Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #80 – Leading Lines

”Be creative – there are lines everywhere. Footsteps in the sand, train tracks, the walls of a town on a narrow street, a row of arches on a building or of lights at night, a babbling brook or a winding river – it’s up to you to see and shoot them.” Tina’s challenge this week is Leading Lines.

Lines natural or man made – or both! In the header, a church in Stettin.

Lines on the ground I am walking – a hike to Svartisen glacier, Norway.

Lines from more than one direction, still leading your eye to the target.

A spectacular lamp fills the room at Kosta Boda Spa Hotel – its lines are also reflected in the windows.

The Concert Hall of Stettin – lines striving for the camera window high up on the wall.

An exhibition in Denmark – but lines are leading to the lady in red!

Vadstena, Sweden – a foggy morning – how close are the trees at the end of the bridge?

Drying fish in Norway – a classic leading lines shot.

Of course I had to finish with my cats again…The Balkans tour in December brought some different leading lines – but still, I hope they are leading your eyes the right way. Click them up full size to follow them all the way!


We invite you to join us this week and explore Tina’s wonderful theme.  As usual, Tina, Amy, Patti and I value your creative responses and thoughts.  Thanks for joining us!

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It will be Patti’s turn to host Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #81 on Saturday, January 25, 2020.  Hope to see you then!



49 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #80 – Leading Lines

  1. All of these are so great! I love the way you captured the light filtering through to the forest trail. I also love the way fog adds such mystery so I’m entranced by that dock in Sweden. 🙂

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  3. Hi, Ann-Christine. So many beautiful shots! Gorgeous. All of them really highlight the importance and value of leading lines. You really made great choices here and composed your shots so well! Of course, I love your closing shots of the cats! Great leading lines! I hope all’s well with you. Enjoy the new week.

  4. Wonderful image Ann-Christine, nature’s lines are my favourite, especially those in the rocks on your hike to the glacier xxx

    • I like the image of a million crystals! In fact there is no smell at all…unless you go really close and touch it. From the start of course there must have been a smell, but now they were all very dry.

  5. Terrific leading lines, Ann-Christine. The concert hall, the path in the sunlit woods and the foggy dock are standouts. And, I loved seeing you in those beautiful surroundings! 🙂

    • I am glad these are ”terrific” – your comments always make me feel good! And, those were the big hiking days for us – Norway that photo. Nowadays I am not that good at too uneven ground – my left foot had to be operated on and never really recovered again. Climbing is impossible. A camera is such a valuable asset – even more when it comes to looking back in time when you get older.

  6. I like them all, they are so different in look and feel from each other. I think the drying fish scene is trippy and wonder if the cats make their way over there. 🙂 The lady in red, wow, striking!

    • Glad you liked them, Tina! Mostly everyday life, but some travel thrills. And yes, that day out in the forest we had some lovely rays shining in.

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