Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #86 – Change Your Perspective

This week Patti shares some different perspectives to try in our photography – ”We invite you to break the habit of shooting photos at eye-level and change your perspective. […] show us your photographs taken from a variety of perspectives -”!

I believe the differences are clearly visible in flower photography –

In the opening photo of my ”Princess of the Night”, I am lying on the floor in the middle of the night to get a view of the inside of the flower.

Close-up – from a low position is one of my favorite perspectives.

Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph. – Matt Hardy

Eye level – front and side, often looks even better back lit.

The more pictures you see, the better you are as a photographer.
– Robert Mapplethorpe

Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.– David Alan Harvey

Going low from a distance can sometimes create a more interesting picture.

A good photograph is knowing where to stand.
– Ansel Adams

Looking down is necessary to get the beauty of both the butterfly and the flower.

With tiny flowers, mass-effect can do the trick – and light and darkness of course.

Where light and shadow fall on your subject – that is the essence of expression and art through photography.
– Scott Bourne

Sheer Mass-effect

Thank you, Tina, and all participating bloggers, for last week’s Treasure Hunt – a success with many fun and interesting entries!

And here is a Special announcement:

At Lens-Artists are delighted to announce that the March 7th challenge (#87) will be hosted by our special guest host, Miriam Hurdle at The Showers of Blessings   Please be sure to visit Miriam’s site on Saturday, March 7th to view her challenge.  For the rest of March, we’ll follow our usual weekly schedule:


55 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #86 – Change Your Perspective

  1. Smart words and beautiful captures. I especially like this: ”The more pictures you see, the better you are as a photographer.” I knew that this blogging-hopping we do was good for something! 😉

  2. Wow, Ann-Christine, you got up in the middle of the night to shoot the first photo? What light did you use against the dark sky? I love flowers so all the photos are my favorites. The one going up is interesting with the sky as the backdrop. I’m crazy about butterflies so the butterfly shot is amazing to me.

  3. Such patience it must have taken to get such beautiful shots. Lying on the floor…waiting for the light to be just right. So nicely done. I really enjoyed the quotes you shared as well.

    • So glad they reached you! – and sometimes I have the patience to wait in awkward positions. More seldom nowadays as my knees don’t like it.

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  5. Gorgeous flower macros and perspectives, A-C. They really do lend themselves to different points-of-view. Your ”Princess of the Night” shot is very special, as well as the field of sunflowers. They’re gorgeous!

  6. Gorgeous images for the challenge Ann-Christine, I especially love your captures of the Princess of the Night flowers against the black background 💗 xxx

  7. Your flower images are simply gorgeous Ann-Christine. You have truly mastered the art of perspective, showcasing each of them perfectly. And your butterfly image is stunning.

    • So happy you enjoyed my flowers, Tina. And I believe when you have a special interest and photograph for example many flowers, birds or arhitecture – you are bound to find different perspectives. A fun theme.

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