Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #147 – Gardens

This week Amy has set a beautiful challenge – Gardens. Normally this would have meant so much joy for me to put together, but time and life is bringing too many changes and challenges right now.

Anyhow, here we go – I decided to once again visit my favourite garden – I call it the Garden of My Dreams – because it is, in more than one sense. For its abundant beauty, biodiversity and – for it being lost and is no more.

The old couple who owned it, travelled the world for rare plants and brought them home to their garden in the forest.
I used to visit now and then, and they always loved a quiet chat and a walk through their Paradise. The little old man was an avid birder as well, and he put up homes for the birds in his garden as well as in the forest. He also banded the birds and tracked them every year. So… whenever I post on such a little home, you can be almost sure it was made by his hard working hands.

Now, let’s enjoy a nostalgic walk from the past together. And remember, these wonders are just a few of what this amazing garden would offer!

Thank you for walking down memory lane with me.

Sincere thanks to all who responded to last week’s Focus on the Details challenge. We enjoyed every detail you offered and hope you will share more for this week’s challenge. Please be sure to link your response to Amy’s lovely original post here, and to use the Lens-Artists tag to help us find you in our reader. Wishing all the moms a Happy Mothers’ Day filled with love and beauty.

Next week, I, Leya, will be your host. I wish you all a calm and peaceful weekend.

88 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #147 – Gardens

  1. Hi Leya. I have updated my post to include your exquisite orchid and garden photos. I love your concept of ‘Garden of My Dreams.’ Your many photos show well designed garden vignettes and it saddens me, too, that you say this garden is no more. (As an aside, I would love to see the Lens Artists someday do a challenge around those beloved scenes that photographers can no longer capture because they are no more. I’m sure many people have experienced those sorts of losses.)

    Here’s my entry for this challenge:

    Beautiful Great Blue Heron and an Unusual Boat Garden

    Best, Babsje

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  3. Such beautiful memories of your lost friends. I’m am so sorry to hear about the loss of your Totti – I will miss his face in amongst your photos. I have been dealing with loss too, it is part of life, but so hard to imagine a world without all these friends in it.

    • Thank you. And yes, I hope they are with us somehow and somewhere. As you say, it is a part of life, and as we age, we accept it more I think. But grieving is a must to be able to go on with our own lives.

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  5. Hi again, Leya. The garden of your dreams is so vibrant and healthy. Such loving care it has received. I love the way they have mixed the colors. They must amble through the garden for hours all day long. Talk to you soon. We’re leaving.:)

  6. What a glorious place it was and how fortunate you were to see it so often! Thanks for sharing it with us so we can hug the memory of its beauty even from just these photos.


  7. I’m sad to hear that life is throwing up challenges for you Ann-Christine and I am sad that this garden is no more. It looks incredible as do your photos, and I am sorry that it could not have been preserved. I would have loved to have wandered around as I am sure many other people would have too. I hope that whatever the reason is for this garden no longer existing that someone has inherited these beautiful plants.

    • Jude, I just found your comment! I really don’t know if the plants were inherited, but the garden is dissolved and unkempt. So sad. They were very old and sold it to the wrong people.

  8. Sad for the challenges, Ann-Christine. Usually a garden as lovely as this will lift your spirits. Sending hugs,darlin, and hoping life is better soon. 🤗💕💕

  9. Thank you for sharing this beautiful garden with us Ann Christine! I’m so sorry that for whatever reason it is gone. But you have your beautiful images to help bring back those warm memories.

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    • Thank you John. It is hidden in the forest, but they used to show it for garden people. Now it is gone as they sold it to people who did not maintain it.

    • Manja – they were too old to manage it, so they sold it. But the buyer let it be and it is partly bulldozed and partly dug out and partly overgrown. I don’t want to look at it if I have to pass by. My heart aches too much for all their work being lost that way.

  11. Ahh… so beautiful! He has put so much love and hard work to his beloved garden. Thank you very much for giving us a tour of this special garden through your lens.

  12. Oh my goodness Ann-Christine, what an amazing garden. It’s incredible that one couple could have created and maintained it! How heartbreaking to know it no longer exists. Have you shared your images with the garden’s creators? Because of you it will never be totally gone. Enjoy your memories and know that nothing lasts forever except in our hearts. Thinking of you.

    • Thank you, Tina. In fact I made a book for them with all the flowers blooming that summer. They appreciated it very much. I made a copy for myself too. ♥

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