Lens-Artists Photo Challenge#94 – At Home

This week, Amy invites us to share photos taken at home. But, I will start by thanking all of you who so generously shared your mornings with us last week – they truly brightened my days. So many sunrises and mugs of coffee or tea – no problems getting up early then!

Home is the nicest word there is.
Laura Ingalls Wilder

Staying at home is what we all do now, and for me this is not difficult – on the contrary, I love my house and I am also fortunate enough to have a garden. And all the living things here…

are precious to me. Now, a visit at my place means you will have to share with my dogs. Milo always wants to follow me Everywhere, which sometimes may be inconvenient …

My home is a ”jungle”, according to my husband, and I have lost a pot or two over the years when he is vacuum cleaning… Too many plants everywhere. I used to count how many once a year, but not anymore. They were 144 some 5-6 years ago.

If you look closely, you will encounter several critters and creatures hiding here too…

Spring has arrived, and I’d love you to take a walk in my garden – to find more living things! They are everywhere now, bees, bumble bees, spiders, lady bugs, butterflies, birds…and I love watching them buzzing around searching for food, bathing or mating. It is good to know that Life still goes on out there – This year it seems we have starlings as well – they haven’t resided here for many years, because I had to take down their home. The magpies would not let their fledglings alone – so weeks of parenting chores were all in vain. I could not stand watching the parents lose their young every year.

The fourth insect hotel is now in place, waiting for guests flying in. They will soon arrive, I hope –

Nature is Life, and sometimes we can help animals and plants to regain some of their old and rightful place in life. As we humans have destroyed many of their habitats, it is our duty to try and restore what we can. We will be greatly rewarded in the end.


Be sure to link your post to Amy’s here, (use the original post link NOT the one from the WP Reader) and add the Lens-Artists TAG so that we can easily find you. We’re looking forward to your Home contributions – keep up your creativity!

Next week is Tina’s (Travels and Trifles) , #95 on May 2nd.

60 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Photo Challenge#94 – At Home

  1. Oh such wonderful images .. I just love your collection of pots and vases! And Milo .. handsome boy! Your garden looks delightful … spring has sprung! And those bugs will love that hotel! 👏

  2. Thanks for inviting us in, Ann-Christine. Lovely to be greeted by Milo 🥰
    There are wonderful details in your photos. So many plants, do you give away many offshoots? 😉

    • Glad you enjoyed them, Dina! Yes, I give away to all who wants some. I love the sharing thing – and getting new ones that I did not have.

  3. Yes. Spring is emerging. I love that you have mason bee homes!!!! There is something almost fairy like, or magical about them. So beneficial and adds delight to the gardens . Lovely stroll.

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  5. Your home looks lovely and welcoming, I used to have loads of houseplants but not now that I have a garden, plus a house with very few actual windowsills. I would enjoy visiting you and your garden.

  6. Lovely photos. It feels like spring! Ive not heard of a insect hotel before. It looks much nicer than the insect motel in the movie Beetlejuice 😉

  7. Enjoyed your view of home. We don’t have the luxury of space for a garden, living in a condo, and we await the first signs of spring here in North Dakota. Yesterday was our first 70 degree (21 c) day this year.

  8. love every picture Ann-Christine! thank you for taking us into your home and garden. your plants/trees are beautiful! how blessed that you are surrounded with beauty and life! 🙂

  9. Not surprisingly your home is beautiful Ann-Christine – and your husband vacuums!!! How perfect is that ?! Loved your gardens of course, and your little insect hotels. As for the plants – have you ever thought about a new career? People like me could definitely learn from you! Gorgeous images for the week.

    • Thank you, Tina – and yes, my husband vacuums half the house and I do the rest. My grandparents were gardeners on a business scale, so I have had my fair share. But that is hard work…for a career. I stop at photographing the best parts…

  10. I feel the same about our new rental house. It’s not a chore to be in it or in the yard, although we can go further afield. I remember how excited I was to discover those insect hotels for the first time when in France several years ago. I’d like to have one and a bat house as well. 🙂


    • First we made one on our own, but now the insect hotels are cheaper than before, and look a bit more fancy…so now we have bought some. Glad you love your place too!

    • Haha, thank you, John! My husband used to threaten me that he would bring a machete for that jungle some day…but he still manages to kill off some plants and pots every year…

      • I have downsized lately but I used to have a jungle too, and I miss it. When I first got married we combined my 80 or so plants with Al’s 20 or so. I friend came over and looked at the ‘jungle’ and said that a machete would have been a better wedding present than a bunch of wine glasses!

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