Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Patterns

This spring, I visited Bhutan, and met so many fantastic people and a landscape so different from ours in Scandinavia. Harmony – this is the word describing it best.

I eagerly noticed all the patterns in people’s lives – in clothes, buildings, decorations, religious paintings and habits…as well as patterns in Nature herself. Like the pattern in the header – the mules and horses trotting in a row – while the lines of the landscape, the roads, paths and fences, create natural frames.

I often try to find and capture the less obvious patterns, noticing that colours are not that important to make you see the pattern or structure itself.

But in most cases colours make an obvious difference, natural colours as well as man made ones.

Either you can find patterns in a sweeping landscape or cityscape or you can look at the little details. Any way, you will find that almost everything consists of just – patterns. Moreover, in our human society, they often have a ritual or symbolic meaning.

Among the most interesting patterns must be languages. When a language is written in beautiful pictures or letters – their special patterns will give them yet another meaning. Magical, isn’t it?


Life is beautiful in so many ways – and patterns are a big part of it. So, for this week’s challenge, share your interpretation of patterns— open your eyes and find new ones! In you own home, outdoors, man made or natural… Use your curiosity and creativity!

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  • Amy will post the next challenge on Saturday, August 18th.
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Have you seen these?

Great diversity, from Abrie Joubert of Abrie Dink Hardop

Henry Lee of Fotoeins Fotografie

Storm coming in from the sea, from Suzanne of Being in Nature


Thank you for joining the challenge and have an inspiring week!

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    • Well – thank you for this fantastic praise – we have all tried hard, and what lovely reward! So glad you found inspiration, and that is what you have given us as well! Thank you again!

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  5. Good morning everybody!

    It’s Saturday and I’m not sure if this is the last day for patterns – oh, this week went too quick for this subject 🙂

    I reedited last evening a post on low tide at Peggy’s Cove, a place in Atlantic Canada, full of some unique patterns, and posted in a hurry, so I don’t miss the opportunity…


    I may correct some of the text a little later, but what’s important are the photos and the PATTERNS – right? I wish this challenge will continue FOREVER!!!

    Thank you again!

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  19. So many comments Ann Christine! Patterns are so well-loved. I particularly like your horses, they remind me very much of the dairy cows which make their way along a track to be milked that I can see from my window. A very linear pattern 🙂
    My patterns are from nature and appear in this post about a beach I recently visited. I love to study the patterns in the sand and in the rocks. I hope you will enjoy the post.

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    • I am glad you enjoyed them – and I truly enjoyed your colourful contribution! I tend to look at glass windows – without looking closely. Thank you for showing us close-ups and revealing all their intricate patterns.

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    • Thank you – me too. I find those picture languages so wonderfully artistic and beautiful. But it must be very difficult to learn all those strokes and pictures. When I was young I tried my hands on some of them.

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  70. A great theme this week Leya so many possibilities. You have led us off with an intriguing set of patterns. I’m looking forward to going out with my camera today looking for patterns. I’ll be back later….

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  79. Thank you for the honor of mentioning my post Leya. Actually I am so honored I will mention all your names. Leya-Anne-Christine-Leya. (your name – your actual name remains a mystery to me 🙂 )

    • Thank you, Patty! I think many of us love patterns – I am so looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. I hope for many different entries!

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