Thursday Thoughts – A Cherry Walk

One of the most beautiful places in Skåne, Sweden, is the Hills of Brösarp.

A small taste of them – and rural harmony –

a late afternoon in Spring.

Gentle cowslips glowing in the grass. I guess you can tell, May is my favorite month.





44 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – A Cherry Walk

      • We have litter everywhere people gather. Also in some of our parks people mark up centuries or even millenia old sites with their initials or whatever. No respect. And now way too many people are not observing social distancing. We are due for some serious recurrences of the virus.

      • I recognize the problem, but then it seems a bit worse over there. I worry about summer and warmer days – people will forget the distancing here as well.

      • In some locations people are being very good about their and others’ safety. But many places, such as beaches, not so good. Especially at the ”open up” rallies many are shoulder to shoulder and yelling so their saliva particles travel even farther. It is and will be a mess for a long time to come.

    • Tack så mycket – och klart du måste dit igen! Jag har tyvärr inte gått omkring där så mycket förr, mest bara stannat vid parkeringen. Men nu har jag läsr mig att vandra iväg över kullarna – och det ska vara i maj.

  1. Sky is wearing blue-white Saree while mother earth is beautiful by carrying happiness of her own creation… Spring is King..

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