Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #107 – Winter

Winter? Now? Totti would have loved it!

What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.
John Steinbeck

Lake Taupo, New Zealand. Christmas Eve, 2011

Winter is not the same in any corner of the world…and maybe most significant is the difference when you compare the Northern Hemisphere with the Southern Hemisphere.  – So, your winter is not mine, my winter is not yours.

Let’s enjoy the differences! Being different and different experiences give us more strength and brings variety to our lives. This week – Winter rules.

I decided to get nostalgic about this theme – as our winters have changed much over the years since I was a child…even in the last ten years, three years, year… Climate change has also made every season more unpredictable. We live in changing times in all aspects. A bit of nostalgia comes over me quite often these days – I guess you might feel the same?

For many years we went skiing every winter, in Dalarna, Sweden. We always stayed in Fryksås, at an old mountain farm – or Shieling (Scottish Gaelic) – overlooking Lake Orsa.

Mille, our first Lagotto (Milo look-a-like, isn’t he?) was a cone collector…he could easily run with 5 (five) cones in his mouth without dropping a single one. He loved going to Fryksås every year – knowing he could play around every day in that cold snow.

The last time we rented one of these 18-19th century cottages, was in 2010. No electricity, no lamps, no technical devices…Only open fires, candle light, reading, playing card games and board games. Knitting, crocheting, discussing… The children (18 and 20 by then – and still loving this concept!) slept in the beautifully painted box-beds.

In Skåne, where I live, (the most southern part of Sweden), winters used to have at least a month of snow, and skiing was often possible. Today’s winters offer only forest walks. And this last winter, for the first time in my life, we had no snow at all.

– And no ice breaking up, letting the brooks sing and the smooth, velvety stones reflect the sun. But I am deeply grateful that we all have these wonderful memories – and that the children share them too. We still talk about going to Fryksås again. Together. Just the four of us. Maybe some day…


Announcement: We are happy to welcome Xenia of Tranature as our Guest Host for August 1 !

And thank you, Patti, for hosting a beautiful Autumn week! Thank you for so many colourful and beautiful posts from friends all over the world!

Despite the fact that winter will come to all of us – whether we like it or notwe are looking forward to seeing Your Winter! Meanwhile – stay safe and well out there.


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  3. Just lovely … haven’t seen this much snow since the winter 2010-11 and 2012. This is how I want our winters to be … winter should be winter … not extended autumn like it has been for years now. Thanks for bringing the winter back to me in the middle of the summer. *smile

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  13. There is so much yearning, tenderness and warmth in your winter photos, Ann-Christine. I enjoyed them very much. I guess you must get used to so much snow?
    Thank you for scheduling the winter theme for the end of the month as I already had something that would suit. Kind regards. Tracy.

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  33. Your photographs are beautiful, but it’s your take on the challenge that aligns with what I’ve been thinking, too: our winters are changing. We used to have snow days in Knoxville, Tennessee, when we took our kids out for snowball fights, building snow men, and making snow ice cream. But that doesn’t happen often any more. Now, we have ice — and that closes schools quickly, but it’s not much fun to play in! Here’s our entry to this week’s challenge, a few pictures we’ve collected over the years of blogging: https://ohtheplaceswesee.com/2020/07/27/lens-artists-photo-challenge-107-winter/

    • Loved your entry. And yes, we will have to treasure our memories. I am so grateful my children had these opportunities. We still built snow men as long as we had real winters. They were grown-ups then – but we played like in the old days.

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  37. How beautiful the winter images are. Snow is gorgeous but from a distance 🙂 And what a stunning Lake Taupo sunset.
    It must be alarming to have no snow. I think the northern hemisphere is seeing the effects of climate change more rapidly than those of us in temperate southern regions. Sobering!

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  46. An absolutely beautiful post Ann-Christine – your snow pictures are awesome and that little bird is SO sweet! It’s so sad that climate change has had such an effect. It’s interesting, we don’t notice it year to year but if we look back 20 years it becomes suddenly very clear. You’re right, the wonderful memories are the best thing there is! Personally I was in Sweden the year I studied in France and my most vivid memory is the kindness and friendliness of the people there. I can remember sitting on the sidewalk curb with my friends (we traveled together with other students) eating shrimp from the boats as they came in from fishing. A magical visit.

    • Thank you, Tina – memories, yes…we also used to sit there eating shrimps when I was young. I’d loved to have sat there with you and your friends. I am happy to hear you enjoyed your days in Sweden and that your memories include kindness and friendliness. Good to know.
      also true we can look back to find how different the seasons where – they are changing. And the fastest changes are found close to the poles, where the warming up is so clearly visible.
      I know you are no snow lover – thank you for loving it in images!

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  50. Aw, such beautiful memories! I can’t pick a favorite out of your selection. I do love the little bird. All of the photos are framed so nicely. That’s so interesting that your dog would carry cones around? I’ve never heard of that. But my dog is too little and doesn’t like the snow much at all. Our Golden Retriever loved it though. He’d love to play with the kids in the snow. Thanks for hosting the challenge and for warming us up to the idea of winter and families getting together again! xx

  51. You’ve highlighted beautiful places and memories of winter, A-C. I especially love the image of Mille with a ”beard” full of snow! Did she eat the pine cones or just collect them? Your post shows the sharp clarity and beauty of winter. Lovely!

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  55. I only ever seem to visit Taupo in winter, so am used to the biting cold off the lake and seeing snow on Ruapehu. I image on Christmas Eve it would be wall-to-wall camper vans and holidaymakers.

  56. In total agreement, climate change is a fact, although some do not accept it. Very curious those houses to spend a few days, without technology, sounds good.
    Great photos!

    • Yes, but as some do not accept it – we might not be able to act properly to save what is left. Yes, a week without devices brings you back to what was normal a hundred years ago – and covid has helped us try it again… Glad you enjoyed my memories!

  57. I love this set of winter photos. The sunset is glorious. The bird capture is truly beautiful. The snow images are like post cards. Thank you for sharing, Ann-Christine.

    • Thank you for loving them, Amy – memories are good to have and treasure. And when it is 25 below zero, the sun makes a great difference!

  58. It makes me soo sad to see climate changing so rapidly. I may complain about the snow sometimes, but I really am incredibly grateful for it. The cottage experience sounds wonderful. Love the images AC 🙂

  59. Mmmm, New Zealand in winter: if one lucks out with some decent weather, it is pretty there. Love the shots of Swedish winter. If climate change brings less snow at mid-latitudes (and pushing snow events farther to the poles), I wonder if people in the future might view winter with some regretful nostalgia.

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  65. Beautiful winter images. I’ve never lived in a place where snow fell and stayed white and fresh. I loved your written reminiscences. They suited the images perfectly. Stay safe.

  66. Absolutely Ann-Christine, I do feel very nostalgic about the change of seasons and how the seasons have changed. I miss the snow and the winter in the North. If we go home to Norway in winter it might be cold, but it might also be warm and wet. 😢
    Totti and Mille look so good in the snow and the snow suits the Robin so well, better as any other season. Beautiful wintery scenes, a true delight to see. x

      • Season lost indeed. Now it looks like we have lost summer … 🌧🌦 although we have had so tough droughts we appreciate the rain. Last year, on the 25th of July, Cambridge had the record warmest day ever; 38.9. This year; 16! With my Nordic temperament I can cope better with the lower temperatures so no problem at all 😊

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