The Changing Seasons – My August 2020

I decided to join in The Changing Seasons at Su’s place, where each month, you should post 5-20 photos in a gallery that you feel represent your month.
Use only new shots. I think this is a brilliant idea. Fun and good for my memory.
Tag your posts with #MonthlyPhotoChallenge and #TheChangingSeasons so that others can find them.

The last jigsaw puzzle was finally framed
Autumn arrived

Thank you, Su, for making this possible!

43 reaktioner på ”The Changing Seasons – My August 2020

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  2. How beautiful Emma and the Princess of the Night look, side by side, at the top of your post. They are the stars of your month. The greenhouse sounds like an exciting project. I am sure it will come together as beautifully as the jigsaw. 🙂

  3. You changed your mind. 🙂 Hooray. Su’s challenge is such a nice way to record the seasons and the key events in your life for future reference.
    I love your puzzle. I can see why you framed it. That will bring you a touch of joy each time you look at it. All your photos are fabulous. The greenhouse project is so exciting. You will be even busier once it is completed. I hope autumn is good to you, Ann-Christine. Much better than those scorching days you’ve been enduring.

    • Yes, I changed my mind – realising all the positive sides of the challenge. I find my memory is not that good these days of covid19. Energy lost and some days only sail by. The challenge will be a great help.
      Yes…I do love that puzzle…for several reasons. Glad you love it too. And ”a touch of joy” will surely come every time I look at it – it already does.
      I hope I am doing the right thing buying a greenhouse – I have wanted one the last 20 years…thought it would never happen. It feels like the right time now as traveling has stopped and I enjoy my garden even more. I guess you are right about getting busier! Let’s see what happens!
      Wishing you bright and good days this Spring – because spring is arriving in your hemisphere, isn’t it?

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    • Glad to join in, Sue. I am rather excited about the greenhouse – coming up in a couple of weeks hopefully. Sad about the Rowan…I really think this young neighbour is a bit picky…but we are not the same all of us, luckily!

      • He can. He does. He says it hangs too much over his and the red berries and leaves are drizzling on his well kept lawn. As we don’t want any quarrel with anyone, I guess we will cut it down as soon as possible. So sad. A beautiful and healthy tree.

      • That’s terrible. Here he would be able to cut off the branches that hang over his property, but no more and he couldn’t make you chop it down unless it was considered invasive.
        But I totally understand not wanting to quarrel with neighbours!

  5. An interesting month Leya. You will love your glass house, they are so useful, especially in your cold climate. How lovely to have resident hedgehogs who bring their family to visit. I am into my third year of changing seasons and find it so interesting to look back on the previous years. This is now the only challenge I keep up with.

    • Thanks, Cee. I thought it a great idea as my memory is fading with these difficult times…Fun it is too. You liked that puzzle ? I too thought it wonderful, and I am trying to find more puzzles by the same artist. This one I could not find the frame I wanted, so I had to buy a new one – but it will look good on my wall I hope.

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