Lens-Artists Challenge #132 – Striped & Checked

Once you can accept the universe as matter expanding into nothing that is something, wearing stripes with plaid comes easy. – Albert Einstein

After a beautifully emotional week with Patti, I thought we would make this week’s challenge very straight-forward – but hopefully fun as well. We find Striped and Checked everywhere around us, but maybe this is so common a pattern that we don’t notice it if we don’t go looking for it? One thing is clear though – I love these patterns, but remember that my children used to hate them. Today, our whole family often use a mix of striped and checked clothes as well as interior decoration. So, here we are – what about you?

In the header – almost only striped. Notice that the chairs make it somewhat checked too.

In fact, checked is a pattern of modified stripes consisting of crossed horizontal and vertical lines forming squares. Which make for endless possibilities!

”Simply” Scottish checked…

According to Wikipedia, the word ”checked” is derived from the ancient Persian word shah, meaning ”king”, from the oriental game of chess – particularly from the expression ”shah mat”, ”the king is dead”, or more modern, ”check-mate”. The word came into English from the French echec in the 11th century.

These patterns combined in – naturally striped and man-made checks…
Checked art – colourful, not only black and white…

Finally, I had to have some winter striped and glazed – and checked too…

Did you know that the check pattern has a number of symbolic meanings? In auto racing, the chequered flag is displayed at the finish. They say this originates from the ”checkers” who watched the finishing line and checked when cars had finished the race.

In some countries, the check pattern has become a symbol of the police. Known as ”Sillitoe tartan”, it was first used in Glasgow in the 1930s and was inspired by a pattern worn by some Scottish army regiments. The symbol is used in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Iceland and some cities in the United States (notably Chicago).

Before I finish, many warm thanks to Patti and to all of your creative Emotions shared with us last week! Now we are looking forward to seeing some fun Striped and Checked findings from you! Please link to my post and don’t forget the Lens-Artists tag. Stay safe, wherever you are, and we are eagerly waiting for you to check (!) in. And, please stay tuned for January 30, when Amy will be our host.

231 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Challenge #132 – Striped & Checked

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  11. Love your theme.
    Your themes make us think, think, think.
    Thanks for keeping our brains sharp.
    Love your all your clicks especially the TV one. Are these TV for sale or it’s scrap. What for they kept in a row. Beautiful click with the tress in the background.
    Your featured image takes the cake. Fantastic!
    Thank you, Ann Christine. Thank you for the inspiration.

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  42. I could feel the cold in the last photo as I virewed it. Bbbrrrr …
    You answered my question in your answer to Frank.
    The colorful artwork is my favorite as I adore colors.
    I wear scarves all the time. I buy them as souvenirs when I travel.
    I knit lots of them in fine yarns. The shop with the scarves would be very tempting for multiple purchases.
    These are all fantastic selections for the challenge, Leya. Be Safe … 😷 🙏🏻 😊
    Isadora 😎

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  49. This is such a fun challenge, AC. I enjoyed it–and so did a lot of other people, too! The TV installation is marvelous and your selfie is also one of my favorites here. It’s funny that your kids hated stripes and checks when they were young. My son only wanted to wear striped shirts!! (Not checked.). Here’s a link to my post with mostly stripes and a few checks. https://pilotfishblog.com/2021/01/24/lens-artists-photo-challenge-132-stripes-and-checked/

    • Happy you liked the challenge – and yes, it seems many others did. That TV installation was a real hit – I loved it too, and the idea was clever. Children will be children, won’t they?

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  52. I laughed out loud at your quote, ”Once you can accept the universe as matter expanding into nothing that is something, wearing stripes with plaid comes easy.” – Albert Einstein If I had to vote on a favorite, AC, it would be the absurdity of the outdoor TV museum piece. The others are just lovely, but not weird. I guess I like a bit of the weird once in a while. Most lovely and like home today, the icicles. Here’s my post today. https://tchistorygal.net/2021/01/24/lens-artist-photo-challenge-stipes-check-join-forces-sort-of/

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    • Glad you love it, John! I am looking forward to fun responses too – and the TVs are collected in Lithuania for this installation showing old Soviet TV sets. They are symbolising the rigid and absurd Soviet system.

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  61. Wow Ann-Christine, you’ve surely aroused some interest among our followers with this one! I too absolutely loved your header image and was drawn to the bizarre TV image. Loved the subject and once I warmed to it had a hard time choosing the subject for my response. Hopefully it will draw a few smiles this week. I hope your rain has stopped and the snows will brighten your wintry world again soon!

  62. very inspiring pictures a. c. that you have chosen for the week’s theme. i particularly like the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and the last one particularly well.
    many greetings robert

  63. Great photos you’ve here.

    I want to ask about the televisions. From a glean over the comments they were part of an installation.
    What was the installation about?

    Also, the double mirror stuff is always fun. Makes me want to get a tilt lens.
    I like that you’ve isolated yourself in that shot, leading to there being a singular you whilst everything else has ”multiplied”.

    Here’s mine for this challenge:


    • Thank you – and the TVs are in Lithuania, a collection of old Soviet sets that was meant to show the cold and absurd Soviet ideology.
      Also happy you think it is enough with only one ME…!

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  67. A very interesting subject and that first image is hypnotic.

    I have prepared something quick to participate,I have little time for the blog lately.

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  72. What can I say? These photos of stripes and checks are stunning! Where is that amazing place with the trees and old tvs? That is so bizarre. Anyway…great challenge Ann Christine!

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    • They are in Lithuania, in the Europos Parkas.The installation is called ”LNK Infotree” by the artist Karosas. In fact they are all from the Soviet era, sent to the artist from the people of Lithuania. In the middle there is a Lenin statue lying on the ground. The installation is to show something of the cold and absurd Soviet ideology.

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  77. A very informative post. I did not know about those symbolic meanings. Like others I find that first image particularly appealing.

  78. HA! Su-PERB theme!! The banner photo wants to trick my eyes. LOVVVVE the Einstein quote. He knows how I dress! Love the TV graveyard too. So THAT’S where they go! 🙂 Great photos, all. Game on!

  79. The TVs in the woods! How odd 🙂 🙂 Love a tartan scarf! Mick has a black and white one. And your poor garden room! I’m shivering 🙂 Fortunately a hot meal is almost ready. Have a good week, Ann Christine!

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  81. This is a difficult one, but you have shown so many alternatives and thank you for all the interesting information. I can’t get over the header though! Amazing. I once owned a houndstooth checked suit, sadly no longer. Checks and stripes don’t feature in my wardrobe any more.

    • You owned a houndtooth suit? Fab. My old friend Anita had one as well, really stylish. I have lots of stripes, and a couple of checcked shirts and trousers. Most often combined with no patterned partners of course… I hope you will find stripes and checks among your flowers and plants maybe? One of my photos was from a bathroom…Hope you will find somethingfor us! Wishing you a lovely Sunday.

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  84. What a brilliant post! It was not only informative but the photos were gorgeous as well . Also the variety of images was mind boggling- man made, natural , colour , black and white. Wow! Awesome.

  85. Dear Ann-Christine,
    your first picture here is absolutely GREAT! We all four love it 🙂 and the Einstein quote as well.
    Wishing you a great weekend
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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