Lens Artists Photo Challenge #137 – Soft

Have a strong mind and a soft heart. – Anthony J. D’Angelo

In fact I consider being soft a virtue and an asset. Maybe not always…but almost always!

Now, after all the incredibly creative S’s from you for Patti’s alphabet challenge… we’ll continue with another S – Soft. (Hopefully you haven’t run out of images on Soft for Patti…) So many things are Soft…to look at, to touch, to listen to… we even have software for our technical devices. This challenge is all about how you want to interpret Soft – we are looking forward to seeing your choices! Please link to my post and add the Lens-Artists tag.

I just have to start with Snow – as we have had so much of it this year. Snow envelops you in a soft and silent world. It was many years since I did some serious skiing, but I am not afraid of falling in the soft and fluffy snow.

Soft, almost creamy snow on the old ship setting from the Viking Age.
Soft landscape with clouds, hills and autumn trees. A favourite dogwalk.
Have you ever touched a bumble bee? They ARE soft! Unless you get stung…

I also have a spring ”softie” on my table every year – acacia, or mimosa, as we call it. Its yellow flower balls always make me smile and walk into that room as often as possible… I wonder if acacia will be possible to grow in my glass house? I certainly will give it a try!

Finally – thank you again for inspiring us every week! Next week, March 6, Amy will be hosting Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #138 and as promised, we reveal the theme already: Natural Light. Be sure to pay her a visit and hopefully join in.  In the meantime, have a lovely, creative week! And… please stay safe.

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  6. Ann-Christine, I enjoyed you topic this week, I never realized how many different things fit the definition of soft. And of course, I love seeing your ”baby”, Totti, am such a softie when it comes to dogs (pun intended).😊

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  15. What a pretty dog! He looks very similar to my Teddy, miniature Schnauzer. But if only my Teddy could stay still for a photo in field of flowers.

  16. I love your landscapes, AC! The scene in the snow and the field have beautiful skies and light. Just lovely. And of course, Totti always ”steals” the show! You’ve gotten a great response to the challenge! I hope you’re having a wonderful week with family. Enjoy!

    • thank you so much, Patti! And my week is great so far, thank you. My father has got his covid shots, both of them – so pleased.

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    • Hi Jez, and you are right – Totti and Milo both love that walk. Especially as there usually are some sheep in the meadows….♥

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    • Yes, Totti looks content, but is a tough one to get sitting for a photo. Now, as he is growing old, he’s even tougher. He never wants to look into the camera. glad you liked them1

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  42. The bumble bee is soft unless you get stung. I couldn’t help but smile. An excellent collection for soft, Ann Christine. Your pet wins the soft challenge hands down !

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    • Well, when a bumble bee decides to sit on me/with me, I love its softness. And I too can remember the disappointment when we for the first time drove through the clouds…cold and damp!

  50. It’s a balancing act with having a strong mind and a soft heart. Soft is always preferable with a bit of sassiness 😉 Beautiful images of a place I do hope I get to see first hand.

    • Suzanne, I agree, it’s a balancing. Not always successful for me – but I try. And as you say – with a bit of sassiness it is easier!

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  54. Love that opening photo! Shallow depth of field adds to an image’s softness as you amply demonstrated in your image. I am looking forward to checking my gallery for examples, and maybe do a little extra processing to add softness to an image or two.
    I’ve never touched a bee. I will try not to. >grin< They are a good example of the quote, "Speak softly and carry a big stick."

    Great challenge topic!

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  65. Great theme!

    I love your Totti!!! Every morning when I go to work, I meet in the park with a dog that looks a lot like him and I have named him Totti. Some days, he comes to greet me, until his human calls him not to disturb.

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  72. You speak of ‘mimosa’ and ‘acacia’ – here we call it ‘wattle’ and it just happens to be our national blossom . . . perhaps not ‘soft’ . . . perhaps just a wonderful harbinger of spring ! Oh – Totti is delightfully soft methinks 🙂 !

  73. Thanks for a great challenge Ann Christine! (Does your name have a hyphen in it?) I had a great time going through my archives. And, your own images are amazing, especially the two of Totti.

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  75. This is a wonderful theme… your photograph with clouds makes me want to reach up and touch! The white puffs all so softly suspended in that magnificent sky!

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  78. Beautiful soft photos. We had an acacia tree in our yard in CA that had pink flowers. I’ve never seen a yellow one. I would love to pet Totti. What a sweet looking dog! Fun post, Leya. 🙂

  79. It’s mimosa time here already. I hadn’t thought about bringing a spray inside! Maybe tomorrow 🙂 🙂 Thanks Ann-Christine! Have a wonderful week, full of gentle softness!

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  81. So many kinds of lovely softness, Ann-Christine. I wish I had Totti to hug. Also that mimosa. It’s sparked a long-ago memory from the time when I was at university in Sheffield (up north!) and one wintery day I opened the door into a Victorian glasshouse at the city’s botanic garden, and oh, the subtle fragrance that met me. Its effect was almost transcendental: a venerable mimosa tree in flower. Bliss!

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  83. A beautiful collection of soft images Leya! ..and a great choice of theme for this week, softness can be so much.
    I love your soft furry Tottie and the bubble bee so soft and sweet. The landscape image is amazing and so are the soft snow.
    Now the mimosa trees are blooming here in Malta and the flowers are small yellow and soft, as in your nice picture.

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