Thursday Thoughts – Outdoors – Vårvinter

In the early morning, I decided to drive out to the open fields to listen to the skylarks – my thrill this lovely day. And yes, they had arrived, and I heard them singing as soon as I opened the windows. I saw cranes ploughing high up in the sky and I heard swans trumpeting.

What we call Spring Winter, means the snow is melting and almost gone, leaving puddles and soggy clay.
The farmers are waiting for the soil to dry up enough to become useful for the new crops.
I love this muddled landscape and its earthy colours. Its rapid and unpredictable changes between sun and dark clouds.
On my way home again, the swans lifted and sailed away to greener fields.
This was a morning to my taste – but now, time for breakfast!

48 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Outdoors – Vårvinter

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  3. As soon as I saw your title I wondered what vår means. Your text soon explained it. Looking further, I found that the word is cognate to the synonymous Latin vēr, which appears in the borrowed English adjective vernal,, as in the vernal equinox coming our way two weeks from today. Your mention of puddles and your photographs of sodden fields is a reminder that the word winter/vinter itself is related to water/vatten and wet/våt. Even native speakers of our two languages rarely notice those connections, and I wish schoolteachers more often pointed them out.

    • Thank you, Steve, for the observation! I always pointed out connections between languages and taught the Latin or Greek roots to my students for them to find the connections themselves. Things of seemingly no importance to many of todays students.

      • I’m sorry to hear that about students in Sweden, too. American schools are a disaster. Many students here are allowed to graduate when they can barely read or write, don’t know how to do even basic arithmetic, and know almost no history or geography. And things are getting worse, not better.

      • Things are getting worse here too, but universities are waking up not letting those students in. Disastrous. So many ”help teachers” to get them through, they should have to fight more for it!

  4. Oh these are quite beautiful. I can almost smell the air and hear the birds! I’ve got my eye on a couple of these to accompany a couple Spring-Winter haiku. 🙂

  5. The snow has gone (it may yet return)…. but what it left behind has another beauty all its own. The Geese are moving here, one or two migrants arriving back but nothing significant as yet. Still it is a sign that spring is on the way 🙂

    • Yes, a beauty of its own. I love that. And we haven’t seen the last of winter yet, as usual. Minus every night and frosty little ones sticking up their heads…

  6. Vaervinter – a term which makes absolute sense . . . a time of sloshing in gumboots atop land absorbing remnants of snow whilst smiling at the springlike breezes promising leaves on trees and flowers on the ground . . .

  7. Such nice countryside. We still have snow on the ground. Today was warmer so there are a lot of puddles on the road. But tonight it will be back below freezing and then there will be ice. Tomorrow the highs are not above freezing. But next week we are getting warmer weather. It will be most welcome. Thanks for sharing your morning discoveries .

  8. I wish I knew the word vaervinter in my years in Europe. The feel of this time is certainly different. I can look back and see the mud emerging from the winter’s cocoon of snow, the green leaves still in the future. Yes, it is a different season, and deserves a special name. Lovely photos, reminded me of the fields I would walk past on such mornings.

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