Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #102 – A Quiet Moment

This week, Patti is challenging us to capture A Quiet Moment. ” Maybe it’s a walk early in the morning or the time you sit down with a book and a cup of coffee.  Include shots captured at home or in your neighborhood, or from a trip to a faraway place months or years ago.  It’s totally up to you.”

As my Internet connection has been lost for some days, and I don’t know when it comes back, I am sending from my phone. Hopefully it will work anyway. I apologize for the post being a bit thin because of this situation – and not being able to comment on others’ posts until afterwards, but hope you will enjoy anyway. I am having quiet moments in more than a Midsummer way…

A forest exhibition at Wanås – old, embroidered linen in the silent trees.

My daughter in quiet contemplation over the summer night.

Even flowers have their quiet moments…

Födelsedagsblommor och Millegarne med Emma 116-2

And you don’t have to be alone – you can be quiet together.

Trädgården och Millegarne Midsommar 046-2

As always, thank you for your wonderful support of our challenges, and don’t forget to use our Lens-Artists tag to make people find you in the reader!

Stay well and safe – and treasure the quiet moments given to you.


70 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #102 – A Quiet Moment

  1. A-c, lovely entry as always … I was going to use the sheet images too, so I have to give it another think. *smile – thanks for a brilliant day.

  2. As always, Ann-Christine, some excellent choices for the challenge. What an unusual and creative way to exhibit the linen. It looks very still and peaceful. All images beautifully captured.

  3. Must be the first time your daughter is quiet 🙂 Just to reiterate the obvious, joking, poor joke in fact. A colleague of mine said this weekend that her three year old doesn’t even come up for air, she talks the whole time. We are still working from home so it must be a challenge having small children.The wanas is certainly something unseen by me and my favourite capture

  4. A wonderful, thoughtful, and beautiful post, AC! I love the old linen exhibition. What a wonderful idea. And equally lovely–your daughter in a moment of quiet contemplation. 😊😊

  5. Beautiful images and I feel more relaxed after enjoying them. They really ”show” the quiet. The linens are amazing – the way they are placed and reflect the light. Great job posting from your phone too 🙂

  6. Wonderful to see the scenic serenity of that lake, with the cloud lines radiating into the distance. Love the special, quiet moment with your daughter. Have a lovely day, Ann-Christine. ❤

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  8. so lovely to see your daughter in a quiet moment on a summer evening, Ann Christine. and the white linens in the forest looks magical. thank you for sharing 🙂

  9. Thanks for the moments of peace. I really enjoyed the whimsy and beauty of the linens. In the States, there are lots of places where you’re not allowed to hang your laundry outside to dry. (I realize this isn’t that, but it reminded me of this.) I think that’s ridiculous! Are we so delicate that we can’t stand seeing someone’s laundry? Where our rental house is, you can hang things out as long as they can’t be seen by the neighbors. Since the backyards are walled, that works just fine and I hang my things out all the time. In the desert, they dry very quickly!


    • Well – you say there are places you cannot hang your own laundry? I love to see laundry hanging, hang my own too, and often photograph it! Looks so fresh and positive to me. Glad you are in the desert and can hang them!

  10. A very beautiful post this week Ann-Christine, internet issues not-withstanding. I agree it’s awfully difficult to post from the phone. I absolutely loved the linens in the forest – one wonders who comes up with ideas like that! And of course always love to see your daughter – the contemplative pose is perfect for the week’s challenge!

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