Thursday Thoughts – Fresh Air and Open Landscapes

Another chilly day of clear skies – so, if you feel like it – you are welcome to join me for a short drive in the nearby countryside.

The farms are lying out there, waiting…for the season to start…for life to return to the land.
Some farmers have already started – where the fields have dried up there are some spots softly turning green.
I pass the meadows, but there’s no cattle out there yet…
…only some horses enjoying the sun near the barn. Can you hear the silence…? Almost touchable.
I never tire of the old oak trees – in fact I love them even more during winter time. I’d love to walk up close, but there is an electric fence I cannot climb. It is there to protect both cattle and trees.
I am waiting… Maybe next time I pass here, everything will have turned ”springy” green. Thank you for keeping me company on the tour!

30 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Fresh Air and Open Landscapes

  1. It must be more than chilly if the horses still have their woolen coats on! I enjoyed my trip with you through the countryside. My sister lives in Sweden and I have two married nephews, two great-nieces and 3 great-nephews living there. I try to visit twice yearly and they all visit me during the school holidays – apart from last year of course, and it looks as though we won’t see each other this year either. I did the Gota canal trip some years ago and that gave me a glimpse of a Sweden I didn’t know. I’m also a fan of Swedish film, TV and books.

    • How great! I have never done the Göta Kanal trip…though…It would be interesting to know what your taste in Swedish film, TV and books is!

  2. Thank you for the tour! In another month or so, I’ll be headed back to North Dakota where they will be about where your part of the country is now in the production cycle.

  3. I enjoyed coming on your drive today with you, Leya. It does look like spring is in the air where you are. The farms look ready for the warmer months ahead. It would be lovely to see you here again in a few months…and maybe another few months to document the changes at the exact spot 🙂 Happy spring to you and enjoy the lovely weather 🙂

  4. The dry winter certainly has a beauty all of its own, and I can’t wait to take another drive with you when the green of summer fills these scenes! Thank you, Ann-Christine, for keeping a seat for me.

  5. I noticed your comment about feral hogs on Steve Gingold’s blog, and smiled. Here in Texas, everything you said about them, and about the troubles they cause, is also true. Your comments made me curious, so I came here to your blog — and what a delight! You are in Sweden, yes? My paternal grandparents came from the area of Gävle in the early 1900s. They sailed on the same ship, but didn’t meet until they both were living in Minnesota. The married and moved to Iowa, where Grandpa continued to work in the mines, as he did in Sweden.

    These photos of the countryside remind me of the Iowa countryside just before the plowing begins, and the green comes. I loved the previous post showing the birch grove, too. I’m looking forward to following you, to see more of the land. Your photos are beautiful.

    • Thank you for finding me, Linda. So we have things in common – Swedish ancestors and a love for loneliness and solitude. You have indeed had an adventurous and interesting life ( – just returned from your lovely blog) – and still have! You have the same problem with these animals I understand…and all created by man… The Iowa countryside must be beautiful! 🙂 As I think of my own countryside as beautiful, that is.
      How wonderful to hear of your grandparents – just like in Vilhelm Mobergs novels about the emigrating Swedes. I loved the films made on them too.
      You are so welcome, hope more of my images will be to your liking and joy!

  6. I love to see farms as they’re the backbone of our world. My grandparents in Nebraska had a farm and we loved to visit. Of course we had the easy part. My grandpa had to go out in whatever the weather was to do chores and work in the fields and so on. I’m so glad that I had that connection with the land during that part of my life.


    • Yes, how great! I believe in the great importance of teaching children by doing – learn about how much work there is before they have their food on the table. – And about animals of course. Getting to know animals from the beginning of their lives and learn about how fragile life is, and the importance of being kind to animals.

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