Thursday Thoughts – Late Evening Walk

After a really cold and wet spell, we’ve had som glorious evenings. I’d love to have you with me for a late Spring walk.

The light is magical in the forest now, so soft, showing off the details as well as the whole picture.

It seems never is the light perfect for photography 24 hours a day – but, right now it is.

The marshes are alive again, but it is still too cold for the mosquitos. I know the swallows are here – but do they find any food? And all the other migrating birds – how are they managing this cold and wet spring?
Milo is walking alone now –
The scent of the Bird cherry envelops the forest in an almost tangible golden dream…
…where the nightingale throws his spellbinding tunes as the sun is slowly setting.

The numerous marsh- marigolds shine in the darker areas…

…and in the last sunlit meadow, buckbean stand like candles along the path.

Time to return home before it gets too cold – thank you for letting me borrow some of your delightful company!

44 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Late Evening Walk

  1. What a gorgeous twilight walk, AC. I love your images, but that last one with the golden light has totally captured my imagination! Lovely, lovely! And your image of Milo walking alone…so sad. I hope you are finding joy on your walks, AC. The cold and damp spring is ending, I hope! Here’s to sunny and warm days ahead.

    • Thank you, Otto, much appreciated when you visit! Yes, this weekend is supposed to be warm and sunny – hasn’t happened this year before. I will not believe until I see it…

  2. A lovely walk – I especially enjoyed your photos of all the details as I’m sure that’s what I’d be looking for myself 😉 And that final shot of the rape field is gorgeous!

  3. Dear Ann-Christine,
    thank you very much for sharing your brilliant photographs.
    The weather is like yours here, glorius evenings but murky mornings – ideal for us late risers.
    Enjoy your walks
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Thank you so much, I will enjoy now that the sun is returning. Hope for you to have the same summery weather as we are expecting this weekend! ♥♥♥♥

  4. It was a pleasure walking with you and except for the water, much of what you shared reminds me a lot of the park. Heading there again tomorrow morning before the rain arrives. 🙂

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