Lens-Artists Challenge #158 – Along Back Country Roads

Beth is our guest host this week, and for this challenge she is asking us to show our interpretation of going along a back country road. It can be any road that’s off the beaten track.

My opener is a photo taken long ago, of one of my favourite roads ever. It was a late summer evening, and the last warm sun rays made the whole world golden. I can still feel the air that night.

Last week, as we finally went for a short trip to dear friends some 300 miles from home, we had to drive far out along lovely country roads. We had some trouble finding their house this time, because the world becomes so different when all the trees are cut down…

They live on a beautiful lake named Grecken, and luckily their window lights were easily discerned in the soft darkness falling. So, we found our way.

I have tried to assemble some of my favourite country roads, and I easily realise that almost all of them go through pure farmland. Not surprising at all… Country roads, take me home, to the place I belong…

The most lovable country road should be a gravel road, with grass in the middle. I am lucky to have some of those special roads close to me. As Beth mentioned – I would have wanted to follow every one of them to find out where they are leading to.

Last autumn we walked some new roads nearby. (There are always new old roads!) This one is said to be one of Skånes most beautiful country roads.

My forest in winter, and the tractor road.

I have to finish with a real winter road. The winter roads in powdery snow always make my heart beat extra hard – because we don’t have them every year anymore. And, they can be dangerous too. Careful driving!

Hope you are inspired to come along! If you do, in your post, please include a link to Beth’s original post and use the Lens-Artists tag so everyone can find your post in the WordPress reader. Be sure to check out the first three guest hosted challenges.

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Thank you, for letting us get away with Bert and Rusha last week! Next week on July 31, please visit Ana Campo of Anvica’s Gallery for her challenge – “Postcards.”

I’m looking forward to seeing where your back country roads have taken you!

49 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Challenge #158 – Along Back Country Roads

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  2. Great collection, Ann-Christine. I love especially the header image for the overwhelming warmth of the sun. But I also love the last image where the snow covers nearly the whole road and only leaves a „window“ to see the pavement 👍

  3. Absolutely breathtaking Ann-Christine. Each photo made me gasp in delight. The yellow one aside green the other and perspective is my favourite. I love the mystical feel of the foggy road. Wonderful 🙂 🙂

    • So glad you liked them, Brian! the snow stormy road was very difficult and dangerous to drive – but beautiful it was in the early morning light.

  4. Absolutely lovely . . . . here in Australia these beautiful visages seem almost strange as most of the country, if not desert, is covered by what is known as ‘bush’ of mostly gums as we call eucalypts . . . . lovely in its own way but oh so very different ! I just love the supposed most beautiful road in Skane . . . . would love to walk along discovering more at each bend . . . . . .

  5. Once again I’m stuck for a choice of a favorite, so I won’t choose, just enjoy. I’ve driven in snow not quite like that but driving into the headlights so hard that I could barely see or where I can’t tell where the edge of the road is. Not much chance of that now, but it does make one go very slowly and carefully. Once we were driving along navigating by the side of the road and found we’d taken an exit on the highway! The funniest part was that the person behind us went off too as he was following us. 🙂

  6. Wonderful choices as always Ann-Christine. I must admit though that I was enthralled with the snowy roads in your final two images. We don’t have snow here in the south (two times in 22 years in fact) but used to have them when we lived in the north. Nothing compared to your amazing snowy white images though! Just beautiful.

    • Thank you, Tina – and we find snowy roads very seldom nowadays. Always a treat, but also dangerous when the snow is drifting and making the roads totally glazed.

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