Thursday Thoughts – The Castle Garden, and…

Back at Tjolöholm this Thursday again – for some more treasures. Surely you would want to visit with me again?

Before a walk in the garden, a short overview of the unusual and impressive lamps in the castle. All ordered by the lady of the house, Blanche, and all from Osler in London. My favourite is the first one, looking like underwear laundry…

The garden had the same Swedish architect as the house – but I guess Blanche had her say about things as well –

The Tudor style and the plants worked so well in harmony with the stone colours – everything was a treat.

Plants in every corner, colours and textures – how I envied the people who got the opportunity to work here.

Of course there must always be roses, always…

…and little children rambling on their own.

And, finally – I give you: The vacuumcleaner!

45 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – The Castle Garden, and…

  1. Stunning photos of a stunning place. (I see my favorite exclamatory, WOW, has already been used several times.) Her Ladyship’s lingerie never draped finer. 🙂

  2. I have been eagerly awaiting the picture of the ‘vacuum cleaner’! Haven’t seen that model before and older and bigger than the one I saw displayed at a museum/historic place of one of the first, most famous ‘Fancy Ladies House” (prosititution, bordello, etc.) in Cripple Creek, Colorado, USA and one of the last to close their doors. Gazing upon that model? I felt so sorry for the housekeeper that had to run it daily – heavy, and lots of muscle labor to make it ‘work as advertised’ – 😀

  3. I certainly want to visit places with you again, Leya. Tjolöholm castle looks stunning on the inside and on the outside. I chuckled at your description of the first lamp as ‘underwear laundry’…now I can’t unsee that 😂 The plants and flowers outside are so beautiful in full bloom. The people who work there must put quite a bit of effort and passion into keeping up this place. Hope you are having a good summer 😊

    • So glad you enjoyed the little tour, Mabel. I do hope you are well over there and doing what you love to do. That is what you are good at. I try to find joy in what I am doing, and I guess what I love most now is my garden and my glasshouse. When winter comes…I don’t know what I will love doing…

      • Your tour and photos over the last few weeks have brightened my days, Leya. We are in winter over here, and just got out of lockdown – and are back in lockdown all of a sudden again. I’m okay in lockdown but I know many around me are not. I am still doing what I love doing, blogging and writing and hoping we get spring and summer soon. Please enjoy the rest of summer and may it be quick winter for you this year 💕

      • So glad to have brightened your days, Mabel – and the virus is on the rise here as well. But very little compared to most other countries I have understood. And we have a high rate of vaccinated people. Hope your spring will brighten your days even more! I am not looking forward to winter this year – last year we had the worst autumn darkness ever.

      • Spring should be here soon enough for us. The days here are already getting longer. Hope your autumn and winter won’t be as long and dark this year. Take care and stay safe 💕

  4. Imaginative lamps and the first copy really has something special 😉
    The castle is beautiful in terms of architecture and the gardens match it perfectly.
    The vacuum cleaner is really adapted to the size of the house …. luckily they already had it at that time.

  5. Oh this stately property, as it would be known in Eng;and, presents even on a grander scale with the beautiful grounds to admire ! Would so enjoy you and/or Ron being there to show me the way 🙂 !! The light fittings do have their very own character . . . not quite in my comfort zone but interesting . . . but have to laugh about the ‘hanging underwear’ one: just quietly pretend if that one was brought up-to-date . . . ?

    • Well, I loved it that Ron wrote to me! And I guess we both would have loved to guide you there! And underwear lamps – might become popular some day…?

  6. What a great castle and the light fittings were very grand. How times have changed regarding the vacuum. Although an ironing board has never strayed far from the original!

    • I guess not – it was for sure an elegant home – and so modern in those days when people hardly had more than one room to live in and maybe two or three pairs of trousers and shirts.

  7. What a fabulous place to visit Ann-Christine. I did have a good laugh at the looking like underwear laundry light shade. I cannot imagine that Vacuum but I guess the maids were grateful not having to sweep all the time 🙂 🙂

    • Haha, yes – but it does look like underwear…And that machine was for sure a blessing for the maids – just think the house was entirely covered in carpets.

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