Lens-Artists Challenge #163 – Keep Walking

Amy says: ”This week, our theme is “Keep Walking”. Let’s share our walking and/or hiking experience.” I have always been a walker, and hopefully I will keep walking – just like the two elderly gentlemen in Segovia. I walk to see and feel – to come close to everything living on our planet. I walk to think and contemplate. Why do you walk?

Why not start with a pair of beloved shoes – my young son’s batman shoes… Shoes are very important to keep you walking. For longer hikes, I mostly wear hiking boots, but my other family members prefer ordinary walking shoes.

Our children are used to extensive walking. As soon as they could wear more solid shoes, at the age of three or four something, they walked with us in the forest and on our vacation trips. The Swedish mountains in the first image, then Madeira and the Azores – all favourite hiking areas. The first time they walked the levadas in Madeira, they were three and four years old. The Ribeiro Frio-Portela route is the most popular one with us. We visited Madeira five times, and that hike was always a must. My mother liked it too. In this photo she had just turned 75.

The Azores are constantly on our list – one day we would love to go back for more hiking. The last photo is from Norway, also a favourite hiking area. I am on my way to Svartisen glacier.

We were fortunate enough to visit Bhutan in 2018, and walked the famous path to the Tiger’s Nest. A strenuous five-hour-hike, but worth every step.

Pilgrims from the whole world walk this path and we met many wonderful, smiling people. This family offered me small treats to make me feel less tired. (The dog got one too – everything living is to be cared for.) I learned that the elderly lady was 75 years old, but she just swept past me like a wind and soon disappeared with light steps… while I kept struggling in the thin air.

Finally – a walk I still dream of for the future – if there is one. The walk to Santiago de Compostela. The way of St James. A walk through the whole of Spain, for many a way to find out more about themselves, and how they want to live their Life. In 2016 we drove parts of the Camino, and walked small parts of it. Talked to people and found ever so many different reasons for making this pilgrimage. I guess today we can find even more reasons to walk the Camino…

Many thanks to Tina for “It’s all about the light” last week. She gave a series of comparisons about the power of light, and through your beautiful thoughts and images, we have learned even more about the importance of light.

This week, we invite you to share your walking adventures and photos on trails, streets, gardens, neighborhoods… Remember to link your post to Amy’s original, and to use the Lens-Artists Tag to help us find you.

We’re excited to announce that LAPC #164 will be hosted by Sofia Alves on September 4th. Her theme is “Looking Up/Down”. Be sure to visit Sofia’s site.

90 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Challenge #163 – Keep Walking

  1. I walk to slow down and experience all around me – I walk/pace in space available, when I’m thinking, problem solving or stressed – I walk with another, not for exercise as main goal, but to get exercise WHILE I’m connecting with another – And sometimes? I walk out my back door, and then stand still….just to drink all about me, in…. Beautiful post, share of locations and memories! ❤

  2. What better way to reduce yiur carbon footprint, Ann-Christine, than to walk. Walking the Camino should definitely be on your list since it is in your neighbourhood. Well, kind of. Beautiful photos of all your walks. Gosh I couldn’t 2alk 10 miles in one day, certainly not uphill. Your mother was a good role model. She loomed so fit in the photo. How lively it must have been to share that past time.

  3. Hi Leya

    Your hiking and walking photos are so inviting I would love to visit many of those beauridul places with you as my guide, seriously! I think it might gake years, though. And I can’t fly, so it will just have to be in my imagination and dreams. They would be sweet dreams, indeed.

    Here’s my offering with a Heron who keeps walking on the dock looking for his friends:

    Great Blue Heron Weekend of Fun

    Best, Babsje

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  5. Your pictures are always fabulous, Leya, but the mountain family, WOW! I’m impressed with the 75 year old ladies, including your mom! She doesn’t look 75, for sure. One of my friends wanted to walk the Santiago on her 40th birthday a few years ago. In my heart I wanted to go with her. To be honest, my body was not as responsive. Her birthday passed. I don’t think she went.

  6. Great walking photos. That Bhutan hike looks like something. I’ve heard of the Spain ‘way of St. James’. No doubt a religious experience, but not for me!

    • I am not religious, John. And most people I talked to were not either. They had other answers to why they walked: Lost a close relative, decided to stop working at their old job, stressed and nonfunctioning, divorce, just wanting to revalue their life…endless reasons. So interesting.

  7. As always such a precise images and a nice collection. Santiago? Such an interesting journey. WE too have driven parts and find it intriguing that so many do it, AND with all of them it is so personal. Donna

    • Yes, Levada walks are very refreshing. Hearing the water all the time, and the glorious views from the mountain tracks. Soothing. And yes, if you are not born or living in areas with thin air, it makes walking heavier.

  8. Great photos and stories of your walk, AC! The path to the Tiger’s Nest, Wow… An amazing scene of the temple!
    Somehow, I missed seeing your link throgh my post. Sorry for being late to respond.

  9. I love those shots from your walk to the Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan – it looks an incredible place! I’d like to visit the Azores too 🙂 Great set of photos for the theme!

  10. This is a great series of walking photos. I would love to do the Tigers nest in Bhutan and I know about the difficulty of the thin air which I had when I did the Inka Trail in Peru. And good for you and your boots. Those boots are made for walking!

    • You did the Inka trail, Anne! Wonderful! That trail was once scheduled for us, but that year some tourists were murdered along the trail, so we decided not to go, but postpone it. And then – it never came about.

  11. A friend of mine did part of the Santiago walk with a group a couple of years back. He had a great time, and made me give that trip some consideration. Maybe when travel opens up again!

  12. Hi Leya

    The photos and story of your five hour walk to the Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan were inspiring and your dream of walking the Camino is one I hope you can make a reality. I have not walked it, but have read many tales of other’s inspiring journeys there. Also, I adore the Bat shoes! How fun.

    Here’s my submission for the Keep Walking theme:

    Beautiful Great Blue Heron Walking Along the Shore

    Best, Babsje

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  14. Great interpretation and reflection on walking, Ann-Christine. Sounds like you’ve experienced many a memorable walk – and what an opportunity to walk the path to the Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan, and parts of the Camino. Beautiful captures. They are so vivid in terms of colour and life of the locals – and they sounded so kind to you too 🙂

  15. This is a fabulous post, and I take heart from your mother and the Butanese walker, as they were both one year older than me and still walking. I intend to continue as long as I possibly can: it’s probably when I am at my most contented and unstressed.

  16. The Norwegian shot looks scary to me, Ann-Christine, as I no longer have a great sense of balance – my husband would say I never did. The floor does sometimes jump up and hit me! But I love being out in nature and we share the love for the Portuguese islands. I too would like to return to the Azores. I was offered the opportunity to share the Camino with Cathy, who no longer blogs. I should not have turned it down. It’s unlikely I’ll make the commitment now. I hope you do!

  17. I always wanted to go to the Azores, your photos just show me why I must. You’re a proper walker and I’m sure you will do the Camino one day.

  18. Wonderful thoughts and images Ann=Christine. Somehow I’m not surprised that you took the youngsters along at such an early age. I’m sure they both love walking now based on the love you showed them then. And of course it’s lovely to have your mother featured as well. Your post shows us how much a part of the earth’s wonders you are, and that you cherish every bit of them.

    • Thank you so much! Well, my mother had a stroke last year and unexpectedly passed away. and I doubt it my feet will last for me to walk on uneven ground when/if I should turn 75. Otherwise I am quite fit, just like my mother was. I am happy to be an inspiration in any way!

  19. *smile( Was the ‘biggest walker’ in the world myself until years too quickly passing shortened the distances and tempered rough gradients . . . walkers like your mother’s still get worn on a daily basis . . . am envious of you knowing Bhutan . . . a part of Asia which has always attracted . . .

    • Well, my walks now are difficult to take more than 11 kilometers, I realised this summer. I have to rest in between, because my feet says so. I don’t think i will be able to walk those distances when/if i turn 75. My feet are beyond repair, unfortunately.
      And Bhutan – ♥

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