Thursday Thoughts – The Iceberg

Aarhus again, and the Iceberg Building area. Fascinating architecture.

From the pictures I had seen before, it looked gorgeous, innovative and a must see.
As we passed the first building, we admired the apartements close to the water.
A modern Venice?

On reaching the Iceberg, we realised it clearly is best seen from the sea.

But, I just have to post on some of the area anyway.

No easy angles here… and I was a bit disappointed that they were building a high tower right next to this complex – see this in the first photo.

The area is well worth a visit – and I enjoyed walking there for an hour or two.

43 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – The Iceberg

  1. Absolutely fascinating architecture from the outside but too many people too close together for me. The inside of the apartments can hardly display anything equally innovative ! Two observations re my home port of Sydney – four million euros would buy you very little special within many kilometres of the city centre . . . and tho’ Sydney-town has naturally grown in height nought has been built close to the Opera House – the huge forecourt and long walkway are and wall remain the same . . . think fondly back to have been one of the first thirty-odd to have been invited to the first dinner there way before it was ready to be opened . . . fabulous memories . . .

      • Ha ! Ha ! Just represented our family firms !! When those born in Europe arrived here Australia was still rather poor in the opera, symphony, ballet, theatre et al which all of us had been taught to appreciate from age 6-7 . . . and there were no large opera houses to which we were used here . . . remember we are going back half a century ! Many of us had began successful businesses and gave every cent we could to ‘hello the cause’ ! So when the months of opening ceremonies, balls, receptions began we were thanked by invitations to dozens of occasions . . . we were young, at ease with English et al and my FIL usually put our name down to represent our firms . . . looking back I guess one could write a book 🙂 !!!

    • For most of us I think… but we met a young couple who lived in one of them…I asked if they had money left for food…? I guess they both had top jobs.

  2. I would be very happy in one f those apartments. The blue balconies add so much to the design. As you say, it’s a pity an ugly high tower has been positioned beside these lovely buildings but that happens and it’s no fault of the architect. I always feel I was lucky to see Sydney’s Opera House standing alone and so beautifully in the harbour before the town planners ruined the aspect by building all around it.

    • You saw the Opera House standing alone – must have been a beauty and an uplifting feeling!♥ I feel so sorry about everything being cluttered as time goes.

  3. Very modernistic. If I had to live in an apartment I would like it to be something like one of these with a large private balcony and water views. I suspect these apartments are very expensive!

  4. Dear Ann-Christine,
    absolutely amazing architecture. We have the feeling for seeing avantgard architecture one has to visit Scandinavia. We also like the work of Snøhetta like the opera house in Oslo and Renzo Piano’s Astrup Fearnley Museet also in Oslo.
    Thanks for sharing your fine pictures
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. That is amazing architecture. Those shapes and angles. The first photo looked like one of those ”It will look like this” on prospectus brochures drawings. 🙂

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