Lens-Artists Challenge #179 – Serene

Patti suggests Serene for the last challenge of the year. A timely choice, as that is what many of us need today, serenity. The hustle and bustle of December makes for contemplation – is this what we really want?

I hope my chosen images all speak for themselves as to what serene means to me.

Serenity is the birthplace for creativity, wisdom, and meaningful productivity.

– Jane Nelsen

He who loves nature loves peace.
― Michael Bassey Johnson

Serenity lies in solitude.
― Lailah Gifty Akita

Meditation takes you to the place inside you which is the most calm and serene place in the universe.
― Purvi Raniga

Like water, we are truest to our nature in repose.

– Cyril Connolly

And, we all strive to reach the light.

Thank you for treating us to a variety of choices last week – a true delight! This week we invite you to join us and show us what serene means to you. In your post, include a link to Patti’s post and use the Lens-Artists tag. We’re looking forward to seeing your photos!

We have two important announcements as well: There will be no new challenge from us on Saturday, December 25th, but we will return on January 1st, 2022 for our annual Favorite Photos of 2021 challenge. The number of images is up to you.

Until then, I wish you Happy Holidays and a happy and healthy New Year!

65 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Challenge #179 – Serene

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  2. What a gorgeous collection, AC. It inspires tranquility! I appreciate that after a very hectic and crazy week. Sending love and hugs for a joyful and satisfying new year. Plenty of good health, too.

  3. Happy Holidays, Blessed and Healthy New Year – and well – If one can be serene while also questioning all that is and talking about it, at one time? Guess I’ve achieved a modicum of serenity this year – LOL – – My blood pressure no longer spiking, even when I discuss such things – but yes, nature, meditation, and ”nope, I refuse to get my triggers tripped by this fully” daily stuff is helping – even if I’m still yammering on about it all – LOL

  4. Those are beautiful photos and I would not like to choose a favourite. The calm of the misty lake is special for me though, because I seldom see something like that. And for mystery, I’ll choose the wall with falling plaster and icons. Where is that photo from?

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  7. You are a true Nordic person in your love of snow and winter wonderland, Ann-Christine. The images are all lovely but I know you won’t be surprised that the watery beauty is the one for me. Serene? I do try! Much love to you and yours, darlin. Hope you can have your family close at Christmas, and a healthy, happy new year.

  8. Beautifully done as always Ann-Christine. Your images are spot-on and amazing. That opener is breathtaking. So I find myself wondering, which comes first the chicken or the egg? Did you find images to match your quotes or quotes to match your images? Whatever the answer they’re perfect together.

  9. All your images are beautiful and appropriate to the theme, as always. But there’s something about that first shot that I found particularly engrossing. Such a still image but one I could look at for ages!

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