Lens-Artists Challenge #156 – Black and White

This week, Anne Sandler leads the challenge –“Black and White”.
“What I love about black and white photographs is that they’re more like reading the book than seeing the movie.”
– Jennifer Price

That said, I am not a keen B&W photographer, but I greatly admire those who are. Perhaps I am a late bloomer and just not there yet?

I almost only use black and white with people. Portraits and street photography are extremely well balanced for B&W.

Bhutan and Morocko. Old faces with character – I wish I was less shy and more open to ask for a photo. The opener, the header, shows my all time favourite from Bhutan.

When I go through my files, I notice that I mostly use sepia instead. I hope Anne will not mind if I add some of these…

My work flow is similar to Anne’s – except I don’t shoot in raw. I do sometimes, but usually not. Except from portraits and street, sometimes my landscapes fit the bill – when clouds and structures are appealing together.

So, stay well and hope to see you here next week too with our next guest host, Rusha. Thank you Anne for hosting an interesting challenge, and thank you John for last weeks beauties!

57 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Challenge #156 – Black and White

  1. I, NOT a professional/expert/talented amateur, simply shoot in the ‘raw’ if that means, I set the camera to auto settings 9 times out of 10 – try to capture in the lens frame, what my heart and eyes see, then bring home, a card full of multiple shots, (or video) to catch that one shot, with filters, or B&W output, layers of coloring, via software? That better tells the ‘story’ of what I want the picture to tell – but most often? I just resize/optimize for online – and let the raw, amateur, etc., thingee speak for itself – I SO admire those who are talented photographers – but I learned a long time ago, the minute I didn’t have a dark room/couldn’t afford to build my own, to process my B&W film, and play with darkroom options?? I just moved on to exploring other options – I was the last in my entire family/friends circle to have a digital camera, and the first one gifted, was a 10 year old hand-me-down when a family member WHO IS a talented photographer, invested in new equipment! :). KUDOS! Beautiful post/pictures!

  2. Judging by these shots you should use B&W even more often Ann-Christine – they are super! I especially like the man from Morocco and the landscape 🙂

  3. I so love the photos and do agree with the quote . . . bur then I would rather read the book than see the film !! Both of my husbands were exquisite B&W photographers and I seem to have realized forever the power behind the method . . . both your photos and your trip would have made me happy . . .

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  5. Do you shoot in B & W or change it to greyscale or sepia after you’ve taken the image? I like B & W when it’s shot on the old-fashioned role film, it seems to have more contrast and feeling, but I’ll always want colour. To me, colour brings life to a picture.

  6. I love your pictures Ann-Christine because they capture so much emotion. B&W or monochrome is ideal because it keeps the eye on the person & not the background. Excellent examples.

  7. Beautiful choices Ann-Christine. Loved the header and the old man’s portrait. I think I have an image of the same band just below him – was that in Dubrovnik? Terrific use of B&W throughout.

  8. Beautiful black and whites Ann Christine! I especially loved the portraits. B &W seems to pick up the facial lines, expressions and emotions much better than color. Your street photography and landscapes are great too.

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