Lens-Artists Challenge #183 – Memorable Events

This week you will have an opportunity to show us some memorable events – new ones or delightful memories! I had to reflect upon it for some days before I knew what to choose…because life gives us quite some of these very special events, doesn’t it? Happy Birthdays, surprising hikes, meetings with faraway friends, interesting exhibitions, travels to special places…

Finally, I chose our two days in the Sahara desert in Morocko, an event that is often on my mind, and will stay with me forever. The silence, the beauty of the dunes, and the many surprises along the way….I am sure you too will find a favourite or two to post, and hopefully also enjoy this challenge.

I have always loved the desert. One sits down on a desert sand dune, sees nothing, hears nothing. Yet through the silence something throbs, and gleams…
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, from one of my favourite stories: The Little Prince

After some jeep driving, we reached our dinner camp – and I was happy to find rag carpets on the sand – they made me feel very much at home in a place so far from home!

Our tour guides and transportation – camels – were patiently waiting for us. No stress in sight. We were only about ten people, nobody said anything, and the silence was tangible.

The glorious day promised we would have an unforgettable desert sunset. And yes, we had. But, even more beautiful was the blue hour light, slowly filling the endless desert sky.

That night we slept incredibly well in the camp bed, under thick layers to protect against the cold.

In the early morning I went out walking on the dunes again, hoping to see some interesting animals. The day before, a fox had been following us, and I saw quite some scarabs (the first picture below) and their significant paths in the sand. But now something else caught my attention – a hole in the ground… and someone digging and sending up splashes of sand. I kept still and quiet, and was rewarded with a glimpse of this little creature – a Tarabul’s gerbil! Length about 10cm and tail about 15cm. He really kept an eye on me..

I greatly enjoyed both the evening light and the morning light – and the atmosphere of stillness and lack of sounds.

Late evening dunes in warm chocolate waves, and morning dunes almost serenely cold.

I hope the camel – the “ship of the desert,” will continue to cruise the sand sea of the Sahara – and I am very grateful to once have been aboard. It is good to know, that there is still something of Arabian Nights in the world…and shimmering tales from olden days.

Have fun finding Memorable Events – or making new ones! Please include a link to my original post and use the Lens-Artists tag.

Last week, we enjoyed learning about and exploring Interesting Objects. Thank you Patti for hosting this interesting challenge! Next week, it’s Amy’s turn to lead the challenge, so be sure to stop by her beautiful site and join in the fun! Until then, stay healthy and have an inspiring week!

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    • Thank you, Sue – I am very grateful for the event, and it is one of those I treasure the most as it gave me much new insight into the life of nomads and the beauty of this type of landscape.

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  12. Leya, your photos just remind me that I can’t wait for our trip to the Middle East this year! We are staying in a desert oasis in Dubai ,UAE for 5 days before traveling on to other countries! I too, can’t wait for the warm chocolate waves and the serenely cold! How beautiful is that thought! Lovely, lovely post! Here is my contribution for this week………https://thecadyluckleedy.com/2022/01/27/lens-artists-photography-challenge-183-memorable-events/ Cady

  13. These are lovely photos, I think. There’s a sense of narrative between them and what you reveal about the trip.
    My favourite is the last one. It’s an interesting combination of enclosed and expansive.

    Here’s my inclusion for this challenge:

    Cove Entrance

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  28. Your shots of the dunes look so peaceful, Ann-Christine! The gerbil looks a lot like our kangaroo rats. Desert dwellers have adapted so well to their environments. Looks like you had a good trip!

    • I had a wonderful trip, yes, thank you! I had to look up kangaroo rat – and it surely looks a lot like a gerbil! It is a bit smaller though and the jumping is not for the gerbil. Rats are very widespread over the world and I guess one of the most common species.

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  30. Simply amazing photos and a fascinating memory, AC. The light in these photos is marvelous! What a unique experience. I can imagine that memories of this trip keep circling through your mind during those cold winter months! Thanks so much for such an inspiring post and theme this week!

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  35. Really beautiful photos. It must have been a magnificent sight, and a wonderful holiday. I love the late evening light in your two photos of the sky. The white clothes of the people in the second photo are especially striking. Makes me realize that wearing white in the desert could be like wearing an orange life jacket at sea: easily visible.

    A sunny day in Lyon

    • WordPress gremlins are at it again. I’m not seeing the pingback links from your post. Mine did not appear, and then I saw in my reader that Tina, Patti and Amy have all posted resonses but their links also don’t show up. Maybe there are other links which aren’t showing up either.

      I guess there’s nothing you can do about it though

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  41. Well Ann-Christine, not surprisingly the reaction to your images and story this week has been terrific. Your post is stunning and the landscapes you captured, along with the stories, are truly wonderful. I love them all, especially the dunes and most especially the dunes with the camel. Marvelous

    • Thank you, Tina, yes, I am happy to see that most readers like them. I guess the astonishing experience shines through – my feelings were only positive to the whole trip. And – it’s easy photographing in such a beautiful landscape!

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  44. This would be a perfect memorable experience for me to add to my list, it’s exactly the sort of thing I love when I travel. It’s very like our own visit to Wahiba Sands in Oman but to do it in the Sahara would be even more magnificent I feel! I love ALL your desert photos 😀

    This was a tough challenge for me however as so much of my blog is already about memorable events and experiences. I couldn’t think what I had left to share that would trump some of the other travel highlights I’ve already shared, but then I realised I could double dip with the Sunday Stills wildlife theme and share a whole week of memorable experiences: https://www.toonsarah-travels.blog/spotting-wildlife-in-the-galapagos-islands/

  45. What a timeless yet ever shifting panorama, Ann-Christine. It’s almost hypnotic! You won’t be surprised that I’m going for the warm chocolate tones, and I was quite delighted by the tiny gerbil. What a Sunday treat this post is!

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  53. Memories…its what photography was invented for. After the last two years of Covid travel memories seem to come to the fore. Maybe one day we will be so bold as to travel so widely once again. 🙂

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  56. Isn’t it glorious in the Atlas mountains ! Have yet to get there but cannot wait . . . am sending this around naturally, especially since a dear US girlfriend has guided such tours for a decade or more now being on the point of settling permanently in Marrakesh ! These are truly beautiful photos !!!

    • Thank you, Eha! I wish you could go there – having a friend settling in Marrakesh is a superb opportunity! If you go to the desert, I recommend a lovely stay at Sawadi Ecolodge. It is run by a French woman and her husband. They both fell in love with the desert and has started a paradise for us to stay at – just on the border of the desert. We stayed there after the tour. I’d love to go there again!

  57. Leya, this is a fascinating story! Wow! What an amazing experience you had. How long did you ride? You must have been very sore the next day, but the photos you took. How did you hold still enough to take a picture? This was breath-taking in every aspect!

    • Glad to have you with me, Marsha! We were riding for some hours, and then sitting on the dunes until sunset. then going back again. Not sore – they were very comfortable, almost fell asleep! The ”ship” is very much like a ship. Holding still was worse…I had a bunch of useless photos, but now I regret throwing them away…memories.

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  59. Dear Ann-Christine,
    we really enjoyed how you introduced the Maroccan Sahara for us. Indeed, like in 1001 Nights. We can well imagine that you’ll remember this trip forever.
    Thanks 🙏 🙏 and wishing you a great weekend
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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