Thursday Thoughts – A Hope of Spring

As March is here, maybe winter is letting go of its grip. A sunny walk by the lakes was envigorating and I found that the ice was almost gone. At least out in the open spaces. Not many birds around, but – they will soon arrive.

The leaves frozen in ice, reflecting the blue sky – there’s hope for a spring to arrive.

22 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – A Hope of Spring

  1. Writing from the horrible destruction water has caused and will continue to do in the foreseeable future alongside most of the eastern side of our island continent I am glad I can still see the calm, cool beauty you met on your walk – I love birches . . . *smile8 But then, I guess it would be rare for Sweden to get 2-400 mms of the wet stuff on a 6-hourly basis . . . The birdies methinks would love to have thicker feathers . . . . hope warmth does begin its journey north . . .

  2. I really like that last shot, colors, shapes, everything. Spring was always easy to see in the Midwest: spring bulbs beginning to grow, daffodils sprouting, wild flowers taking turns flourishing in the park. In Arizona it’s much less obvious and our seasons by month aren’t exactly the same as many places. What I mean by that is for instance summer to many means June, July, and August. Here I feel summer is determined by heat and can be as long as six months. 🙂 Doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate it here, but to live here is to realize that what most other people count as a season doesn’t really apply much to us.

  3. Over us here it looks the same, but today we were blessed to have a sunny day,all day and we are all rejoicing. I took a walk and sit by the river as well, reflecting my high hopes for warm, less cold days of Spring..of new fresh beginnings and distracting my mind from the anxieties of the war in Ukraine. Somehow I love the sentiments on your photos—It´s always great to look on the brighter side.And yes…in a month, these sceneries will have more colors and warmth.
    Sending warm greetings to you!

    • Thank you – I am trying to see the good and positive things. The war is constantly on my mind. It is hard to take in that it is really happening.

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