Thursday Thoughts – A Hope of Spring

As March is here, maybe winter is letting go of its grip. A sunny walk by the lakes was envigorating and I found that the ice was almost gone. At least out in the open spaces. Not many birds around, but – they will soon arrive.

The leaves frozen in ice, reflecting the blue sky – there’s hope for a spring to arrive.

Macro Monday

The winter is still a feast in my garden – some mornings offer a shimmering, microcosmic world of crystals. Nature’s wonders are always the best wonders.

CFFC: Letter U – Needs to have the letters O and U in the word

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter U – Needs to have the letters O and U in the word

An outdoor shot that speaks to my soul – for Cee this week.


WPC: Seasons

Jen at WordPress asks us in what season we are now. In Sweden we are still in Winter, but with glimpses of Spring. The ice is breaking up and the sun is getting warmer. A beautiful time with the colours returning.

For more seasons, click here.


Blandat och fototisdag Värsjön och Hovdala 305_copy

Travel theme: Transformation

Look closely, and see the transformation from water to ice – or the reverse.


# 229 Porlar – Ripple (69/365)

Bäcken porlar härligt när isen smälter. Här kunde man sitta i timmar och låta ljudet sippra genom hela kroppen.

A rippling brook is soothing to all humans. When the ice is open the sound is music to the soul.


Frozen Gems – Ristafallet och Tännforsen – A John Bauer and J.R.R. Tolkien dream

Maria guidade mig till två underbara vattenfall som jag bara sett sommartid,  som ung i slutet av 70-talet. De är bedövande vackra båda – Ristafallet och Tännforsen. Och vintertid är de något helt annat – fullständigt förtrollande. Därav rubrikens Bauer och Tolkien.

Maria guided me to two wonderful waterfalls, Ristafallet and Tännforsen – the two of which I had only seen in summertime when I was young. During winter they are maybe even more beautiful, enchanting and enigmatic. Like something from the famous Swedish illustrator John Bauer or J.R.R. Tolkien. For more facts about Ristafallet, click the link to Maria’s post: Ristafallet

Vi började med Ristafallet, det mindre av de två. För utförliga fakta och fina sommarbilder, klicka på denna länk till Marias blogginlägg: Ristafallet

Fantastiskt vackert, men än mer fantastiskt skulle det bli vid Tännforsen. Tännforsen som ju är Sveriges största fors, fryser också till på vintern och bildar de mest spektakulära formationer.

Even more beautiful was Tännforsen, the largest waterfall in Sweden, when frozen into spectacular formations. The falls are iIlluminated in the night, but we visited in daylight. The path down to the water was very slippery and we had to use spikes to get there.

Länk till sommarforsen från Marias blogginlägg – Link to summer pictures and more facts from Maria’s post: Tännforsen

Avslutningsvis besökte vi ett litet iskapell vid Tännforsen. Mycket stämningsfullt och vackert – en plats att gifta sig på.

Finally we visited a chapel here, built in snow and ice. Very beautiful and popular to get married in.