Thursday Thoughts – The Last of Summer

The Buddlejas are having a second bloom, and the butterflies are still here. But the air is chilly and the nights near frost. I love my Heleniums that gather hundreds of pollinators. It’s a joy standing close to them, just listening to the busy bees.

The little white aster was new last year, it shines in the darkening evenings now. And so do the tuberous begonias standing in the shadow of the vines. They glow in the late sun.

There is still colour left, and we hope for some more bright days before winter is here. I hope you too have enough colours left to savour Autumn.

37 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – The Last of Summer

    • How hot? We have a scheduled trip for some days to Porto at the end of this month. Not sure if we can go, if my husband can walk those steep streets. Never been there…do you know some nice restaurants?

      • It’s generally cooler in Porto than here but it’s around 27-29C here at the moment. Set to change so I couldn’t predict. It’s a beautiful city so don’t miss it. You can use tuk-tuk taxis if your husband is struggling. I haven’t been for a few years but will check with a friend if she has any recommendations. Sorry for late reply. Amazing night in Tavira last night with Mariza. Google her if you’re not familiar. Sending hugs 🤗💗

  1. Beautiful closeups of both blossom and bee . . . but, oh dear . . . the beginning of frosts in September . . . ? Methinks for all of last winter here we had three mornings for one or two hours at -! C !! Mimus 3 brings forth ‘tragedy’ calls in the newspapers !!! And our winter was termed cold . . . well, it was too cold to grow basil and tomatoes . . . 🙂 !!!

  2. Marvelous shots, A-C. I’m going to miss your flowers almost as much as you will, although I know you’ll find lots of other things to photograph such as the snow I miss. 🙂 In the meantime, enjoy these to the fullest and thanks for letting us enjoy them as well.

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