LAPC #239 – Finding Peace

Learning to distance yourself from all the negativity is one of the greatest lessons to achieve inner peace.
― Roy T. Bennett

Tina is our host this week, and she wants to know how we find peace in this busy world. For me, it’s a struggle, but in short, I need alone time and to immerse myself in Nature, Beauty and Art.

A combination of architecture – old and new – and books, is just perfect. It is enough for me to enter a library – any library… But, an exquisite one, like the Long Room in Trinity College, Dublin, is unforgettable. There is an atmosphere around all these books, the authors’ aura peacefully descending on you.

Art – especially otherworldly and fantastic art, like this of Yasec Yerka, expands my mind and thoughts. Yerka’s Surrealistic art is inspired by old masters like Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Bruegel. I often sit in my armchair and wander through his books, resting in peaceful wonder.

On earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it.

– Jules Renard

Looking at beauty in the world is the first step of purifying the mind.

– Amit Ray

Lose yourself in nature and find peace.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Time spent amongst trees is never time wasted.

– Katrina Mayer

Wander often. Wonder always – Anonymous

Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.

—John Muir

Thank you for all your inspiring images and words on Alone time! I enjoyed every piece of them, and I think we also got to know each other a bit more. This week Tina is taking last week’s theme a bit further – hopefully we will get many ideas on how to find peace in this busy world. Please visit Tina for more inspiration, and don’t forget to use the Lens-Artist’s tag when you link to her original post.

Next week it is John’s turn to lead, make sure to visit his site for more about the challenge.

50 reaktioner på ”LAPC #239 – Finding Peace

  1. Your finding peace is so beautifully expressed. I remember the Trinity Library, very special. Yerka art works, wow… Yes, the beauty of nature.

  2. Peaceful indeed. A library, yes! I hadn’t thought of that. And this might sound strange, but I love the smell of a library. It is a distinctive smell, maybe dust and must, but it triggers those senses that say…STAY. Make sense?

    Interesting art by Yerka. Like others, it was new to me. The art takes reading a book to a different level , doesn’t it? A chance to figure what the message might be. Or what do you notice that you didn’t notice right away? Very interesting. Thanks again for your prompt last week. I agree. I think we all learned a little about each other.

    • I agree on the smell of a library, and I love it. It is part of the peace thing and part of wanting to discover old things…secrets unfolding…
      Yerkas art is interesting. He didn’t want to be an artist, but he is one, and he defied his teachers who wanted him to paint traditional art – he went his own way after his own mind. But of course it is the same in all art – learn the traditions first – then experiment and break the ”rules”. I am glad you liked his work.
      And, you are going on a road trip in your jeep again? Wishing you all the best and a beautiful drive!

      • Yes. sometimes I think it is important to learn those rules to see what defines your own style. I feel like that with gardens. And I have tons of ”experiments” around the yard. Upon my husband retirement, he almost lost his lift when her thought he was helping rid the yard of ”stuff”. He won’t to that again unless he wants me working on the Jeep. LOL

        My oldest daughter, just the other day, said she remembered a ways from a library and the bookmobile came to our neighborhood every Sunday. She had great memories of it, and I didn’t even think she remembered.

        Yes. Lots of travel over the next few months. A week in Sedona (even though it is only an hour away). Lots of caves to find. Texas is on the list, Utah, and then a trip to the east coast and back through Canada. Yes…busy.

  3. The Long Room at Trinity College in Dublin is beautiful. I love libraries, too. I would feel very comfortable at The Long Room.

  4. Beautiful post Ann-Christine! Love the surreal art .. will look up more of the artist Yerka on the net. Thanks for introducing his work 😀.

  5. Ann-Christine, I find peace reading your post. Our earth is sublime in her artistry and you are her curator. As for Yerka’s art, it tranfixes the busy mind in a very different creative way which brings its own peace. Thankyou for sharing those artworks with us.

  6. I’m with you when you said you find abundant peace in a library. It remains my favourite spot too and now that I’ve seen your pictures of the Long Room, one day I hope to stand there and experience it all.

    As for the art, I’m still educating myself and I like what I see. Your words have set me off on a Google chase to learn about the artist you mentioned. Lovely post, Ann-Christine.

  7. Simply wonderful. When I think I have a favourite from your post I’m scrolling down to find yet another stunning photo. Thank you for this blissful peace on a Sunday morning. What a start to the day!

  8. A fantastic post this week Ann-Christine. I absolutely love the Yerka art and will admit I’d not heard of him. All of your images are simply stunning and so express the peacefulness you express and all of your quotes are the perfect accompaniment. Superb!

    • Thank you, Tina, I am overjoyed! And glad you liked his art – he is very special. In fact we went down to his studio once, but of course he was not there…

  9. How appropriate a Sunday morning greeting here, especially following’ alone-time’! To me also peace is found in ‘alone-time’ . . . yes, in nature and art and architecture but for me most of all in books and music . . . ! Of your wondrous photo collection I find such beauty in the last photo of the avenue of trees > in Australia the latter never appearing in such ‘neatness’ with one’s eyes and mind leading forth into future . . . and I keep returning to the Trinity College library pictures of a place where I would so love to be! They are familiar as a dear friend from here was a mature age student who, knowing me, kept on posting the same peace back to where it was needed . . . thank you . . . ~

    • I am glad you enjoyed the post, Eha, and I find that the Long Room has got some similarities with the avenue of trees. They are made of the same breath…

  10. Fascinated by the surreal artworks you feature. I smiled at the lion. He did not look pleased to be beneath that table. Not befitting his status! Peace… something your mind chases after on a sleepless night. Love those golden trees.

  11. So wonderful Ann-Christine. That Library with art….heaven. But yes into the countryside and being among nature and our environment is ideal way to find peace 🙂

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