LAPC #236 North Meets South

It’s never the differences between people that surprise us. It’s the things that, against all odds, we have in common.
― Jodi Picoult

Thank you to Amy of The World is a Book, for hosting this week’s interesting challenge. She asks us to explore, East Meets West or North Meets South. Read her creative post here to inspire your thoughts. Remember to link to her post and add the Lens-Artists tag so we can find you.

I must declare this was a difficult task for me – how to? I hope my solution is OK with you.

Because, I have focused on North meets South, and two very different countries with much in common. Just like we humans, wherever we come from – we have got so many things in common.

I guess you already know from the first images which the two countries are…

Both have got spectacular natural phenomena as volcanoes and hot springs, and ice and snow in beautiful nature.

They have got similar houses too…(!) even if one of them only is from some famous films made here.

So, how do we use their natural resources, the hotsprings? We can bathe in them…

cook in them…

or maybe just love the sight of them as a tourist. For energi they are outstanding and sustainable resources.

Both countries also boast spectacular natural layers of stone.

In one of the two countries, there are no forests – in the other one the jungle lives side by side with the glaciers.

If you follow me, you know how close to my heart these two countries are. They carry the clear light of a natural world less spoilt. One of them is called the land of the long white cloud, while the other one, if you look at the images above, maybe is the land of the short white cloud…

A special thank you to Patti as she made us look at Shadows and Reflections in Monochrome last week. Once again, the interpretations to the challenge were creative, fun and inspiring.  This way, we also learned something about what photos work best in monochrome.  Next week, we welcome Bren as our guest host.  She challenges us with: ”Lowering That Clarity To Bring Softness.”  We look forward to more learning next week!

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55 reaktioner på ”LAPC #236 North Meets South

  1. This is fabulous, AC. I’ll join the chorus of everyone here praising the way your organized this. Wonderful images, too. I love the hobbit house and side by side comparisons of topography, nature, etc. Just wonderful!

  2. Well Ann-christine, I always love your posts but you’ve outdone yourself on this one! The sliders are VERY effective, as is your comparison of these two beautiful countries. Your landscapes are otherworldly. I don’t think I could face the cold despite the beauty so I am happy to visit them through your gorgeous photography

    • Thank you so much, Tina! I really had difficulties with how to do this post, but managed finally to finish it. I am glad you enjoyed my choices – and I know your feelings about cold…so, happy to guide you with warm hands!

  3. First of all, I love Jodi Picot and have read all her books. She has an incredible way of touching emotion

    Your post was a brilliant take on the challenge. It is true, we are alike in different ways, aren’t we. When I see how different my world is from these photos and yet still relate to hot springs, garden homes, mountains, jungles…. Hard to choose a favorite photo as they all brought your story to life. The hobbit house was fun. Loved this.

  4. Sliders work well for this challenge, Ann-Christine. Your lovely shots set the mood perfectly, though I tried to linger in the sunny ones. I’ve not been to either country, nor is it likely, so thank you very much for taking me along.

  5. I knew the countries from the first mountains photos and the sheep in Aotearoa and wild horses galloping across the hills. A wonderful post Ann-Christine. The use of sliders is brilliant 🙂 🙂

  6. A huge smiling ‘thank you’ for taking us north and south and, indeed’ east and west in such an imaginative fashion . . . oh the commonalities are there !!! I have yet to visit the land of the ‘Sun Voyager’ but ( smile!) but the land of the haka and Manuka honey and the long white cloud is just ‘across the Trench’ for us! Besides the beautiful and not dissimilar nature to me they are also two of the most civilized countries in the world . . . oh, back to armchair wandering again . . .

    • Well, Eha, I cannot but agree! And envious I am of you living so close to one of my favourite countries. I am afraid it is too far away to visit again – for me.

  7. Breathtaking photos! Both countries share the same beauty of mountains, rocks, resources… less spoilt; and the special, famous house, wow… Great post, AC!

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