Lens-Artists Challenge # 249 – Art in the Park

John gives us a chance to feature almost any public art we have met – please visit his inspirational site for more!

First in my post must be an all time favourite of mine – although I don’t remember either artist or name of the work. The rain made it even more unforgettable. I still find her fascinating – and so much alive.

This oversized, strong worker portrayed walking, and the fragile woman walking beside him – I loved the contrast. Look at their hands, and their feet, putting the same foot first.

This is a Prague cavalcade. You will recognize Kafka – and the Lennon Wall I guess. So much to see, so much to take in, so much to love. In the end, it had to be The Dancing House and Charles Bridge, for the goodbye.

Tančící dům

Karlu̇v Most

”Art is where you find it.” John says, – where do you find yours? Your challenge response should include a link to his original post.  We can find your post easily in the Reader if it includes the “Lens-Artists” tag. For more information on joining the challenge, click here.

Many thanks to Sofia for her wonderful mood theme. We have learned more about moods in photography from her and from your creative photos. Next week, it’s Amy’s turn to host the Lens-Artists Challenge. Until then, stay kind and well.

48 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Challenge # 249 – Art in the Park

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  3. I’m getting Prague onto the list of places to visit, thanks to you, Ann-Christine. Wonderful places so well captured. I also love the first photo, I can see how that image lingers in your mind, there’s something very special about the whole setting, including the rain.

    • You will love it – I think it suits your photographic taste too. Thank you! And yes…that first woman in the rain is still magical for me.

  4. A marvelous post Ann-Christine, I don’t think I’d seen any of your examples before. I loved the way you captured the older woman and the statue in sync, and I’d never heard of nor seen the dancing house which is fabulous. I think the favorite this week is your opener with the rain drops on that marvelous statue. Then again, I loved them all!

    • Thank you so much, Tina. And the dancing house has its story…It is nicknamed Ginger and Fred, and got its shape because people wanted to be able to see the castle on the other side of the river!

    • Thank you, John. The statues really were a bit frightening. They were made to express what Soviet communism did to the Chech people.

  5. It has been many years since I have been to Prague. Your display makes me want to return. It is such a great city. I do indeed, recognize Kafka and the Lennon Wall. Both fun visits. One of my favorites was of the unicorn woman. She looks so real and you were right, the rain brings her even more to light. I also love that you captured the contrast of the working man statue with the tiny woman. You are so great at finding these kinds of special images, AC.

    • Thank you, Donna! And yes, I was so lucky with that woman! I loved Prague, but almost got tired of all the beautiful buildings …they were too many to photograph. I knew Prague was beautiful, but almost Every house was so well kept and decorated…

      • We enjoyed Prague before it was spoiled with tourists. It was simple. I remember the same. Taking so many photos of beautiful buildings and homes. And the people were so kind and inviting.

        We paid the equivalent of 3 American cents to ride the city train. I would love to return to see the changes. Not the prices…

  6. Love the ‘Dancing House’ – it ao brings a barrack-like grey city block to life! In Sydney we have a couple of annual outdoor displays especially along popular beach or park walks of huge modern sculptures one can walk around, often touch and even climb if one has or is an adventurous child . . . a healthy introduction to art methinks!!

  7. Well, my last lot was in Rome but I wasn’t really thinking in terms of the challenge, Ann-Christine. So much to love in this post, and I’ve never been to Prague. It’s been on my list for even longer than Rome. I’d better get a move on! And I love your opener too.

  8. Ah you brought back my memories of Prague 😀..The woman (unicorn?) sculpture is very interesting and yes, the rain made it more so!

  9. Oh Ann-Christine you’ve posted amazing public art. The woman in the rain does seem so alive, and how wonderful for you to catch the woman and the huge statue stepping along. And that building is amazing. Wonderful finds and photography.

    • Thank you, John. The building is also called Fred and Ginger (dancing!)Vlado Milunić is the name of the Architect. I find it rather lovely. They say it got its shapeform because the neighbours wanted to be able to see the castle on the other side of the river.

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