Lens-Artists Challenge #250 – Skyscapes or Cloudscapes

Amy invites us to share clouds and skies – and that is something we all can relate to. When I was a child, I loved lying on my back in the grass under my grandmother’s cherrytrees, appletrees and plumtrees, listening to the humming of bees, the birdsong and the soft purring from my cat. Watching the clouds sailing by…looking for interesting shapes and seeing them change and maybe finally dissolve.

Clouds mean something to most of us, and we look for that message…be it weather signs or just for fun.

I have chosen some moments when I could not stop looking at the cloudscape or skyscape.

Powerful Prague

Above the clouds

Sunset, Ecuador

Desert sunset, Morocco

Irresistible Iceland

Today’s Sweden

Dashing Denmark

Exquisite Ecuador

We hope you will join us by sharing your cloudscapes over land, sea, or cities, or just clouds. Send a link to Amy’s original post and tag Lens-Artists so we can find you in the WP Reader. Thanks to John for Art in the Park last week. There is really an endless resource for enjoying public art!

Next week Anne will lead LAPC #251, please go to her lovely site for more inspiration!

57 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Challenge #250 – Skyscapes or Cloudscapes

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  2. Another stunning collection, AC! Your images are breathtaking. Iceland is indeed incredible and your love of Sweden shines through in the rapeseed field. I’m hopeful that your sorrows are easing a bit, and the sun is starting to shine through. Take care, dear friend.

    • You are very kind, Tracy. I am so sorry for not commenting much or blogging much these days. Many troubles and sorrows this spring. Too much for me, but I am feeling a bit better now and slowly coming back to the blogosphere. Hope you are fine.

      • No need to apologise, Ann-Christine. You must save your energy for the really important things. I have not been blogging much either, I have been very busy on a special environmental project that makes me happy.
        Please look after your health and spend time with your loved ones, my friend. Your blogging friends will always be here so long as you are.

      • You are always sweet and encouraging, Tracy! Your special project I must see – have you published about it on your blog? Take care and stay healthy and filled with engaging projects!
        Hugs and thank you

  3. I loved that you described these as…moments you could not stop looking. That is usually what captivates us. Such a grand collection. Interesting of the airplane photo. Smooth above you. Choppy below you. And you glide along in the middle. Stunning. The yellow flowers from Today’s Sweden would stop me as well and I hope there was a bench from your view. A coffee and a day like that is deserving of a bench and a few minutes.

    • Well, thank you, and thank you for the lovely perspective of the rapeseed field! No benches, I promise…Only viewed from the car and a short stop. And the airplane photo was incredible back then, the softness of the clouds and the golden light. I can still remember it. Strangely enough I had never seen it like that despite thousands of flights!

  4. Exquisite Ann-Christine, I loved them all. I can visualize you as a child enjoying the glory of nature all around you 😊. My favorite of the set is Sweden with those wonderful colors!

  5. These are fabulous! The shafts of light in the Iceland shot make that a favourite, with the beautiful night time capture in Prague a close second 😀

  6. There’s a couple of things I really enjoy seeing: sun rays breaking through the clouds and a cloudy sky where you can see it’s raining at a distance. Those would be my favourite shots from your post, Iceland and Sweden. Your sunsets are beautiful but those two show a particular and magical moment in time and you’ve done brilliantly in capturing them.

  7. Such wonderful photos of dramatic moments in the sky! Two sunsets stand out for me: one the sunset from the plane, and the other the Irish sunset. What would we photographers would do if the sky were always completely overcast or totally clear.

  8. Before he went to uni to study law, my father was the meteorologist for the Estonian army. way back when. Can you imagine how much lying on the grass I did as a child 🙂 !!! Clouds can frighten me as I understand what may be ahead . . . Silly, but . . .

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