Raining all day? – Poor Dishevelled Me…

…but I know she meant to make the best of it…

It is not very kind taking close-ups though…when I have been fooling around in the last snow while it was raining…

Did you hear me…? Oh, well – I’ll go back to napping…see you later when dried up…



My Favourite Visitors Today

Very inquisitive…

While his little friend was eager to eat – keeping an eye on me…

It was a day of soft colours – silent and foggy with rising temperature. Rather lovely.

More Patterns – Cold and Warm

Silent forest floor patterns in the early morning light

And the forest itself

Frosty pool in my own forest an early morning. In the header, the top of my car!



Thursday Thoughts – Winter Solstice – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Today we will meet our daughter at the airport (bringing light to this day of darkness!) and this Sunday our son will come home. Days of joy and happiness.

An astrologer revealed that this year’s Solstice is different from others in the past, because for the first time since 1664, the Sun will move into Capricorn, some hours after Saturn makes the same exact shift; this will cause the Sun and Saturn to actually line up, a phenomenon which could have very uncomfortable consequences.

Personally, I do not believe in these consequences, but I do know this is the darkest day in the northern hemisphere – and then the light will return! So, my deepest gratitude to all of you out there who read, comment, or even follow me – you always brighten my day!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Monday Morning…

…woke me up to a glorious, frosty day.

The tulip showed off her hair frost…


…the Lady’s mantle unfolded her hidden gems…

and the old roses were still asleep, in golden, pink dreams.

A crispy, delightful day – who would think that of a Monday?


Thursday Thoughts – Granddaughters!

What’s in the picture? Well, today I had the honour of two granddaughters visiting – and I was totally overjoyed!

Even if they were much faster than me…and a bit more… agile? Youngsters – they do keep you alive and kicking, don’t they! They were both in for a haircut, though…but looked cool and modern with heavy curls hiding their eyes…Esther looks very much like her mother, Ella:  White body and dark head. Mira has a wash of golden locks on top of her head…apparently inherited her father’s good looks. Welcome back you two!


Travel theme: Seeds

Travel theme: Seeds

I love those autumn capsules and seeds in my garden – colour and form are both elegant and sophisticated.

Travel theme: Garden

Travel theme: Garden

For Ailsa’s Travel theme – I picked my favourites. A Japanese Garden and a Swedish Garden – The Garden of My Dreams.

For more gardens, click the link above.