Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Sense of Taste

Taste? Get hungry at Cee’s Fun Foto this week!

I love food – and most of all vegetables, fruits and berries…

…together with a nice cake is OK too.

But generally direct from the plant, picking them myself.



Kids and Cows on Mount Rigi

So, we are back to Mount Rigi. I promised Cows and Kids! At 8.30 a.m we went by car towards Seebodenalp. From Küssnacht a 7 km narrow and meandering road leading up to 1030 m where the starting point is for many walks. We entered the Panorama walk with stunning views over Vierwaldstättersee and the small villages of Küssnacht, Merlischachen and Luzern. An easy walk, but a hot one – 30 degrees C. Breathtaking views in the early morning light. We knew the Swiss to be pros on hiking and organizing walks, but we were still impressed by the standards of these, the informative signs and the facilities, Whenever a great view was offered, there were designed, wooden chairs or benches to rest upon.  Here some of the big moraine stones typical for the area. The stillness in the air and the soft sound of cowbells followed us around the mountain. Sometimes I wondered how they could walk those steep hills – sometimes they even ran down them.

Hiking school classes were not unusual, and sometimes they reminded me of fairytales like Snowwhite, or maybe stories about Hobbits? When we caught up with them they were playing happily while one of their leaders was making a fire and looking after their things. Happy schooldays!

Before the turning point around the mountain, we had a glimpse of ”the real deal” – what was to come on our next hike. There is always something special about those snowcapped mountain tops. On our way back we met several fellow travellers – and spoke for a while with them all…

Some of them more friendly and talkative than others…

These people were fixing the roof of the house – which is a weather station for measuring the air quality here. A friendly shake of the bell around this pretty lady’s neck, and we were ready to leave this lovely area. I bet she knew it was a farewell shake!

On our way down the mountain we stopped to buy freshly picked cherries – a real treat after this hot walk.

This nice young girl had done a good early morning job.  

Cee’s Fun foto Challenge: Close-ups

For Cee – close-ups. I have noticed their little faces. My Magnolia is awake. They all open up differently.

WPC: Early Bird

I’m afraid I’m not a natural early bird – but I have learned over the years. If I know I have to go to work or catch a flight or photograph something spectacular. I will be. An early bird. I have never regretted any early morning…



# 350 Vårblommor – Spring flowers (140/365)

Vårpromenader och trädgård 004_copy

Violer är några av de allra vackraste vårblommorna – och så doftar de underbart. Some of the most beautiful spring flowers – and their lovely scent fills the air in the evenings.

Vårpromenad i Magle – Spring walk in Magle Wetlands

Idag har varit den varmaste dagen i år hos oss – 23 grader C visade vår termometer i eftermiddag. Hundpromenaden förlades till Magle våtmark.

Today was the warmest day so far this year – 23 degrees C. The dog walk had to be at Magle wetlands.

En solig promenad med ljumma vindar – både vi och fåglarna trivdes alldeles utmärkt.

More than me and Totti were out walking today…

Färgerna är fortfarande bleka, men vårljusa och harmoniska.

The colours are still pale, but ”springy” in harmony.

Grågässen hade parkerat mitt på gångstigen, men lyfte snyggt så att vi kunde passera. Ingen reaktion på hunden alls.

The greylag geese had parked in the middle of the path, but soared lightly away when we passed.

Kanadagässen betraktade oss uppmärksamt på avstånd. Inte min förtjusning dessa gäster, men ganska vackra att se på. Smutsar dock ner kolossalt.

The Canadians (!) watched us attentively from a distance. Not my favourites these, but rather beautiful birds to look at. Unfortunately they leave so much of unpleasant things on the paths and close to the water.

Denna praktfulla padda stelnade i steget och lät mig fotografera från flera håll. När jag var klar klev han lugnt vidare över gången mot vattnet.

This beauty froze in this position for minutes – for me to photograph him, surely. And,  when I was finished, he slowly crawled down to the water. Maybe I should have given him a kiss?

A gallery from the rest of the walk! No swans today – they are always here in the early morning, but not now.