SL -Week 2-02: Ground


For Sylvain Landry’s challenge this week, we should look at the world from a child’s position. And indeed, my Mille looks much bigger than he was. His height was 48 centimetres – and the mountains somewhat higher…



SL-WEEK 2-01 : Selfie

You know I am no selfie fan…but , well, here it is. For Sylvain Landry.

The photo was taken at an outdoor exhibition in Denmark. It really is enough with only one me…I bet you are thinking the same…


SL-WEEK 51: Birthday

For Sylvain Landry – the anniversary! For this grand Birthday, I have put together my own 12 favourite entries to SL-WEEK – in no special order. In the header, Wedding, the photo closest to do with celebration… Hope you will Enjoy the gallery just as much as I enjoy the challenges.

SL-WEEK 50: Fire

Fire and firefighters for Sylvain Landry this week.

30th of April is a day of fire in Sweden – Walpurgis night. Join in and give us Your fire!


SL-Week 49: Vintage

For Sylvain Landry: Vintage from New Zealand and the old train ”Kingston Flyer”.



SL-WEEK 47: Blue


For Sylvain Landry this week – Blue

Theatre, Copenhagen and Camelot concert, Norway.

SL-Week 46: Wind


For Sylvain Landry – beautiful Willow with the wind blowing in her hair. She belongs to Seonaid of Breathofgreenair, but my photo on my visit last year.


SL-WEEK 45: Birds

Harpy Eagle (Americas)

Harpy Eagle (Americas) photographed in Walsrode, Germany


For Sylvain Landry this week – Birds. I chose the swan and the harpy Eagle. The swan is a graceful beauty, and the harpy is one of the most cruel looking birds in the world – at least according to me. Which one do you prefer?



SL-WEEK: Reflection


For Sylvain Landry – Reflection. I love the way the world changes in reflections. In the header, a photo from somewhere in China, where many separate worlds are revealed …and the second photo is from my forest at home. My world.

Bäcken lever. The brook comes alive when the ice is gone.

Bäcken lever. The brook comes alive when the ice is gone.