Travel theme: Close

Close encounters…with animals. First, my kite, who unfortunately did not make it in the end. Then, a dog I met in the Retiro Park, Madrid.

Lastly, look at Totti’s face when he had a close encounter with one of his first puppies – priceless.

Inget galler! Hu, vad är det här?

Inget galler! Hu, vad är det här?


Travel theme: Dazzling

Ailsa’s Dazzling – Edinburgh Tattoo, fireworks and Shanghai, Pudong by night.





Travel theme: Entertainment

The world has, within some days only, lost two giants in entertainment: David Bowie and Alan Rickman. Ailsa’s Travel theme this week is all about Entertainment. The Show must go on. That is the only way to cope with Life.

London juni 2013 011


Travel theme: Waves

Travel theme at Ailsa’s – Waves. Mine are lava waves – show us Your interpretation! Click here for inspiration.



Travel theme: Spice

Spicy Travels! Budapest and Rome. Visit here at Ailsa’s for more.


Rom II 164_copy

Travel theme: Fabric


I believe we all love fabric, and we all go looking for them in the market and in shopping centres and…love to surround ourselves with them at home.

Thank you, Ailsa for always having lovely themes and keeping us going! Click here for more inspiration and join in yourself!

Bestående skönhet

A Swedish fine tablecloth, woven and then cut, drawn together and ”embroidered” in this special way.

Chinese carpets – pure silk. Header – bedding in pure silk, China.

Travel theme: Self

Ailsa’s theme this week gives you another chance to reflect on who you really are. What is the very essence of you? Not easily done in only one picture…so I had to choose two.

The loner, hiking in nature – but I am also the photographer and the lover of my job and my students. The results are one picture from a hike at Svartisen, Norway, and the other taken by a student at the final dinner for my class, leaving school, heading out in Life.

Why not take the chance to figure out the very essence of You? Click here for more inspiration.


Travel theme: Camaraderie

Ailsa wants us to show camaraderie – and I agree that this is what we need to see and hear in the tough world of today.

When my daughter, Emma, turned 25 this autumn we all went to our closest outdoor exposition, held at Wanås Castle.

Walking behind them through the park and listening to their conversation (I had permission…) I felt the usual gratefulness of having these two fine youngsters around me.


From the start, she would set the pace and he would follow…

But today they are equals – only two years between them. They support each other through thick and thin, through darkness and light, and have never fought over anything. Sometimes they seem to be enveloped in their own world in subjects I know nothing about. But I do  hope – and believe – they will continue on this road of camaraderie.

Two friends for life – my beloved son and daughter.

Travel theme: Faces

Faces tell you a great deal about the persons you meet – and the eyes reveal even more. I love the faces of old people – their wrinkled wisdom. To be a bit bitchy – where is the wisdom in those faces being fiercely operated on (to look younger…)?

For Ailsa’s theme, Faces, I have chosen two charming couples. I hope you like them as much as I do!