WPC: Textures

WordPress – textures this week. How about one mostly natural and the other manmade…

The same…but different…


WPC: Collage

A bit late…but still. Collage Cars! Pictures taken at Kyrkö mosse, Ryd,  and at Nostalgia, Ronneby. For more information about Kyrkö Mosse: Visit Sue at Words Visual and Viveka at Myguiltypleasures.

CFFC: Yellows

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Yellows

My first choice for Cee’s challenge is of course the autumn forest…but a car is OK as well.

Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Any Seating Including Tables and Chairs

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Any Seating including Tables and Chairs

This is Any seating…

from the Car Graveyard in Ryd, Småland, Sweden.

Cee’s Black&WhitePhoto Challenge: Things With Engines or Motors

Well…I’m not sure it had any engine or motor – but I liked it!

Cee is asking for engines and motors…here is a car I fancied – and so did the man in it!

For more engines, click here.


Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Cars Trucks or Motorcycles

Two tiny sweeties in Rome! For more inspiration, click here.

Rom II 352_copy


SL-WEEK 42: Car

Cars can be fun, but also beautifully decorated. In New Zealand I just loved all the cars wearing innovative signs or being richly decorated. As I am a fern lover – the header car with silver fern caught my eye.

Sylvain Landry loves the colour red – so here is a red Lion as well…


Nya Zeeland 1 545


SL-WEEK 38: Yellow

Yellow is a very special colour. It symbolizes a variety of things; for example the sun, being false (in the language of flowers) and power – only for the emperor of China.

I love yellow, but cannot wear it. Others can with elegance – like houses, vehicles and flowers.

Sylvain Landry


A Danish house

 2012 044

Cars are quite OK…

Spring crops before the storm