Thursday Thoughts – Sleep Tight in a B&B

We went for a three day trip to dear friends, and had to stay the first night at a B&B.

And I fell in love…

We stayed in a grand old house, where the upper apartment with four rooms had been converted into a B&B. Our lovely hostess told us she had finally left her career in Stockholm and started a B&B – an old dream of hers. Originally thought for Spain or Italy, but they had settled for the southern part of Sweden instead. (At least it was in the south…she laughed.)

The house was finally ready in 2019 – then came the pandemic. As so many other small businesses they have had a hard time now – so it felt good we had chosen their place. We will certainly recommend it to our friends.

From here, we visited two famous Swedish castles. Maybe I will post on them later.

47 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Sleep Tight in a B&B

  1. With my passionate love of art I would in all probability have been upstanding half the night at two of the walls acquainting myself with each photo, sketch and painting . . .

  2. I’d stay there in a second! My husband once said that when he retired we should run a B&B. I asked him who would be retired. Certainly not me. 🙂 What a gorgeous place this is and in a beautiful spot it looks like.

    • So true. When we were younger we only chose places for a sleep that night. Nowadays it has become much more important and a nice piece of the travel.

  3. Dear Ann-Christine,
    that B&B looks really great. If we’ll travel to Sweden, we’ll ask you for the address.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a happy end of the week
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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